NCIS: Los Angeles Review: "Personal"

Fantastic ep! Loved getting more insight into Deeks. Nice to see Kensi show her soft side with him, she's caring about him not just as a partner, but as a person. Also loved that Hetty told him to put her down as his next of kin. Great rapport between those two. Finally, I'm sure Sam is really going to enjoy updating Deeks on his security protocol!


Excellent ep, lots of twists & turns that I didn't see coming. Yeah, the firefight was OTT, but beautifully done IMO, fun to watch (enjoyed the music choice in background, too). Liked the parallel bits with Sam/Callen & Deeks/Kensi discussing their differing views on Partnership.

NCIS Review: "Defiance"

To Harriet Miller, you said re: Vance "No one likes him & we love Gibbs." Please don't presume to speak for everyone. Many fans, including myself, like Vance. Gibbs needs reigning in once in awhile, and I think Vance does a pretty good job of it. He also has to worry about the political end of things - something that Gibbs sometimes doesn't consider nearly enough.
Overall, pretty decent ep. (And I think McGee looks great with the weight loss, don't think he looks sickly, we're just used to seeing more weight on his round face).

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