Claire Danes and Damian Lewis are fantastic! Carrie loves Brody. She eill do just about anything for a man she cannot have as her own. I think it's the young actress I' m having a hard time buying into her performances. The scene in the woods was spot on! Bring on the surprises.

Homeland Review: Tailor Made

I am not a fan of the little poor rich kids. Jack Bauer was not a rich guy. I've said it before, and I will say it again. Damian Lewis and Claire Danes freaking ROCK on screen together. nuff said! Maybe Brody will turn Carrie's sexy ass? I'll be watching. The guy w/the phone in the hallway while Brody was chatting w/the reporter was classic 24. Brody should take Mike out for going through another mans garage.

Homeland Review: Bury the Hatchet

Claire Danes and Damien Lewis just freaking bring it! They are so good on screen together. I hope it doesn't go the 24 route. (although I am a fan of 24)

Homeland Review: Via Text Message

Claire Danes is HAWT! No wonder this show won multiple Emmy awards. Damien Lewis performances are a joy to watch for me. I'm holding on for a wild ride this season. I agree, the text message being sent from that room was foul. The actors performances was stellar. Keep it coming!

Sons of Anarchy Review: Laid to Rest

Can I just say Charlie Hunnam is bringin it! I'm not a fan of the slick hair, but his stares are freaking awesome. I liked the send off, but I will miss Opie. A strong performance by Mr. Hunnam when he closed the hearst door with that final stare. Brilliant! I agree the ladies scenes are starting to get a bit old. But hey, I they are all HAWT, so does it really matter. Turning players into Kings! Pope, OG

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