It's Good to Be Blair Waldorf

she's so precious!


I mean she isn't ugly, but I am not a Szohr fan, I really am not.


Oh just stfu all you couple fans.
Serenate and Chair.
Reallly? The show wouldn't be getting all these reviews if the show was so damn CLICHE and PREDICTABLE.!
It's a scandalous show and that's why we all enjoy watching it.
All of those who are threatening to stop watching next season if your favorite character dies, just shove a damn stiletto up your ass. Mmkay? Iloveetheshow, I mean it wasn't as scandalouss, but obviously the writers know what they're doing.
So shuuuuuut the hell up. @Chuck_luver knows what they're talking about.

Last Tango, Then Paris Photo

Leah shut the fuck up. We don't post to hear others complain about what we post about okkay? Its a show and jusst watch it. :D



OMG The Bitch is Back!

Mm, let the fun begin.

Vixen J

Too Cute.(:

Jenny, That Little ...

Serenate4evr&evr Just shut up, you don't know what you're saying.
OBVIOUSLY. TeamJenny.!

Blair and Minions?

Headbands for sure.!

Thorn in Their Side

Oh all of you just STFU.
The show is getting better now that Jenny is messing things up forr this "perfect couple" you all think is just cute. This show is NOT susspose to be all happy couples and unicorns. Okkay?
So just sit down and wait to find out what happens next.
I know I am. P.S. I lovee Jenny, but her extensions look REALY bad though. Hahaa.!