Rookie Blue Review: A Unique Kind of Foreplay

I love the fact that Sam is taking it slow. Andy needs to get Luke completely out of her system before she can be in any serious relationship. His ever so slight suggestions that the people who know her care about what happens to her; letting himself be her 'punching' bag, etc. One day, Andy will wake up and realize that Luke was just a passing fling, that the true love of her life has been right in front of her all the time.

Rookie Blue Review: Who Got Stung?

Well, though I enjoyed it once again, I have to say I was a little disappointed. I thought for sure that after Andy had thrown that plant in the garbage after witnessing Jo's & Luke's interaction in his hospital room, she'd either be very ticked off, be at Sam's doorstep, or on a binge of some sort(not necessarily drinking...like really throwing herself into the job). Just wondering if the preview about their quicky-to-be nuptials will include Luke's confession to Andy, and if she will dump him as he deserves it...?

Heart & Sparks

So Andy throws the plant(she was taking to Luke)in a cleaners cart after she saw Luke & Jo laughing in his hospital room. I'm hoping she starts walking & walking...maybe ending up at Sam's place...? Only Sam isn't there at the moment. He comes home to find Andy on his doorstep...could lead to something very, very interesting.
As you all can see, I'm really hoping Sam & Andy get together...but, a secret get-together, at least for a very long while.

Rookie Blue Review: A Moon Full of Surprises

Luke got shot...interesting...maybe he won't survive...? Andy would grieve...possibly sending her into a place that no one could penetrate except for Sam, her rock...something that would take a few episodes to develop. Or, perhaps Luke survives & calls out Jo's name while Andy is in the room with him...saying he loves her & doesn't want to live without her...that he didn't mean for Andy to find 'her' ring...
Just a few thoughts off the top of my head...