Rookie Blue Season Finale Review: An Evaluation

Ok. So I will be watching every episode from now until Rookie Blue is no longer airing. I think that they all passed. This show has done wonders. They have been rated on the top of ABC'S shows. And there is a great script written for every episode. I personally would not watch it if they killed off one of the characters every few episodes. That would make a horrible show and would not allow you to become connected with any character. And as far as the relationships go, that is what everyone wants to see. Granted I think Andy and Sam should be together. Because Luke and Andy does look forced, but the writters know what they are doing and I do think they will be together eventually. I will agree that I dont think Andy should move in with Luke. But get real, shows like this are rare. How many do you see that can hold people's attention like this one does. I usually stop watching series about four episodes in, and with Rookie Blue I couldnt stop waiting for the shows to premiere. So as far as this evaluation goes, I think that you need to look at the facts. It has made a big hit. It has ranked in the top for most watched. And the relationships and action scenes are what make the show a huge success. Not to mention that every actor in this show are excellent at what they do. So I think that Rookie Blue needs to keep doing whatever they are doing. It is a great show and I absolutely love it.