CBS Reveals Season Finale Air Dates

I am glad that AJ Cook is coming back. At least CBS has opened one eye. Now to open the other eye and bring back Brewster and let Morgan kill Doyle. I hope and pray that Hotch and Morgan characters are not written out of the program. Both are excellent characters and part of the mainstay of the show. CBS please keep all of the CM characters. They work so well together and they are the best team on CBS. But do get rid of CM:Suspect Behavior. They money you would save by getting rid of that awful show would pay the characters of CM a handsome salary.

Aaron Staton to Guest Star on The Good Wife

Love this show......great writing and great actors.....the only character I despise is the old blonde broad at the head of the firm. Now we could do without her.


This is the worst show ever on CBS. I hope that this is the last season for it or bring in new actors. There is no love felt here with any of the characters and certainly no chemistry. I despise their sloppy dress and stupid lines. I am sorry but I just can't like this show in any way. I have not watched it since the first episode. Dialogue is something like kids pretending to be cops or agents. Nothing intelligent in the writing of the scripts. I agree that it looks like the work of children. Cbs Get rid of this show.

Criminal Minds Review: Let Me Go ...

I agree that the show is not the same without JJ and now Prentiss. Why let the character JJ go and then hire someone who is so like her in appearance but without the chemistry of JJ. The show is not the same and I don't think it will ever be the same. I did not care for Ellie and was glad she left. Seaver is just not on the same page with Hotch, Morgan, Reed, Rossi and Garcia. She will never fit in, her personality is all wrong. I love Hotch, he is a professional in his role. He has to keep his group together. I am all for bringing JJ back and Prentis when Doyle is dead and gone. Hope Morgan or Reed is the one to kill him in a future episode. It is best that the team does not know the secret of Prentiss being alive.If the producers or who ever is in charge of bringing her back would do so. The team will realize that it was for the protection of Prentiss and they will accept it because they love her and respect her.
Only when CBS sees the decline in the ratings of CM will they bring back the two valued members. Kick Seaver out. Any new member should be someone like Linus Roach from L&O. I loved him as Cutter. I also like the actress who play Casey ada on SVU.
Hope CBS opens their eyes soon or they will lose one of the BEST shows ever on CBS.
Get rid of Criminal Minds: Subject Behavior. What a farce that show is. Bad acting, lines, and characters not to mention a bad choice of actors. I do not watch it after the first episode and will not watch it again.