Revenge Review: A Journey With No End

woh,OMG!! the only thing i wanted to post is victoria mom is even BITCHIES DEN VICTORIA,poor young victoria,dat old bitch is all wrinkle,seriously good cast on victoria mom,they look almost alike,with those bitchy face,ahhaha

90210 Review: The Breaking Point

liam is like getting hotter in the show and navid and dixon should just die!!seriously!!hate dixon with all his sickness spinal cord blah,blah,adriana should be with taylor,TAYLOR IS Like so hot,super hunk,dixon is bleh with his stupid music!!and navid sucks!!WAT A DOUCHEBAG!!!screw him ady,and MAX,oh stupid nerd,choose over a black guy best fren over naomi!! i just hate MAOMI!! it sound sucks

90210 Review: Love and War

first of all NELLY FURTADO perfomance sucks!!!!!!!!!in the show,dis american singer is getting worst!!!even dixon seriously sucks!!all he do was DJ and sing,dat simple,ohh,i HATE DIXON,DAT FUCKING BLACK BITCH!!!they should screw him out from the show,i think ade and taylor meant to be together,and ANNIE ahhhh she just waste of time for the show,she always gt wrong boyfriend

90210 Review: Trust Falls

u know really max and naomi,maxiomi or whatever is sucks!!!! i just miss naomi and liam,just hate alec and dixon!!oh seriously i hate dixon!!he should have die in the accident,den adrianna and taylor will together and fuck!!btw love wes brown he is so HOT!!i will choose taylor over dixon!!u know they should just screw navid and dixon together in the show

90210 Books Grant Gustin for Recurring Role

i really like him,he super cute!! he should be with blaine!!nt dat pussy ass kurt,hate him

Revenge Review: Rough Day?

first of all ,AIDEN & EMILY IS DEFINITELY hot,do they really ned to put the voting poll for everything!!i happy for aiden & emily,but it would super hot if he and daniel team up and win and have gay sex,and dump dat pathetic ASHLEY!!DAMN!!love emily settle with mason!!overall love the episode

Gossip Girl Review: Partners in Crime

first of all georgina is most rocking and hilarious character in the show,just love the scene where she stops some random guy, and then walks off with him,plus the guy is hot,best scene ever,totally agree that the phone grab was stupid.sage acting was so fake,oh just hate her,BITCH!!plus steven is too young to be her dad,so unrealistic,i must agree show is getting sucks!!
but still love it because of chuck,chuck is getting cuter,and CHAIR,not DAIR,i just hate dan!!poor DAN!!and i just hate the old ppl in the show,LILY,BART,RUFUS,ahhh!!wat a waste space!!still love the show with ivy too!!just throw all the old ppl in the show,so pointless having them in the show.

The X Factor Results: Who Advanced?

dis show sucks although it has my favorite singer,britney spears,but still look all the contestast epsecially the all the children including arin ray,fith harmony girly group,vino alan,paige thomas,they sucks,i onli watch it unitl the the judges house!!!PLUS KHLOE KADTRASHIAN,ohh hate dat bitch!!!seriuously i love K-POP NW!!!!time to change PEOPLE!!!

The Vampire Diaries Review: Elena's First

OMG!!! bEST EPISODE EVER,FULL OF ACTION AND DRAMA, first of all so happy dat freaking black hunter is dead,eventhough elena can't be human back,and brotherly fight and love,AWW!!it melt my heart,ahaha,also jeremy & matt team up so happy,it would be good u know if matt is gay and in love with jeremy,it goin to be a blast,and love when elena bite dat hunter neck and break it,ahahaha!!!OVERALL BEST IN EVERYTHING!! TVD nvr fail us!!hope it would last a very long time unlike the other cw show

Gossip Girl Review: Back in the Saddle

dis show is all about hook up around the family and fren,serena mom,lily slept with her boyfriend before,now the daughter slept wit him,dis is ridiculous,the storyline is getting worst!!!!! i love the show actually,but is just too much sex and hooking up,and who in the world will let their ex sleep in the house!really Blair??? hate Dan with his stupid hair, love georgina with her smart move,i wonder in the finale they will revealed who is Gossip girl??at least dat is good ending rite!!!

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