Scandal Review: The Walking Dead

my heart broke into a trillion pieces when I see how Cy laid into james. How could he do that?? when james could have let him fry at the hearing....He made james cry!!!!!! that is not cool...not cool at all...i felt really hurt. if i was james...i would take the baby and leave...seriuosly...Cy was really, really really abusive to him...not cool at all.....i thought that the mole was either sally or billy...but i never saw the david angle at allllllllllll...abby was right...he isnt a good guy after all. as for mellie..she condoned the affair because she thought that it was just one of those 'things'. olivia would be fitz plaything so she wouldnt have to perform her duties. i am not saying that the situation is right but calling olivia names doesnt absolve her of her willing complacency. i like jake..alot and i believe that he has feelings for liv but he is putting his mission first above her..thats y fitz has the edge over him. y would he give up the tape of him and liv having sex when he KNOWS that it will be used to harm her....when she do find out she will hate him for it..atleast fitz was willing to NOT run for office to be with her bcuz her knows that he cant be president and have her at the same time..he choose one..he chose her and thats what counts...i am an OLITZ fan forever...may they ALWAYS be together!!!!!! who vex....... lorse!!!!!!!!!