Who is Your Favorite Teen Couple?

Damon and Elena
Chuck and Blair
nuff said...

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 180

Diana: I need you to interview someone for me, alright?
Nate: You mean I need to write and listen?


For number 5, Tyler mentioned that Rebekah has been helping out like giving him the blood bags so she has probabily entered his house before and Elena is not living at the Salvatore house atm and has not for the whole summer so maybe thats why Rebekah can just walk in


I so wanted more from Nick. He was my favourite at the time, I wanted to see where his relationship with issa [is that her name?] went!


Stefan: *smug* Hey nice hat...
Man in Outfit: *smug* Nice hair...
Stefan: What is that suppose to mean?


Loved it, Great way to start off the last six episodes!
Cant wait for next week :)

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