I agree with the reviewer that there needs to be more Ethan and Curtis on screen during Body of Proof! Those two are hilarious and interesting characters and they're always finding a new way of looking at the evidence. They also have interesting hobbies, like Ethan's fascination with True Crime stories. My 13 year old son watches this show with me, mainly for Curtis and Ethan, because he also thinks they're funny and fascinating. I hope that Tommy and Megan get together, eventually, but I'd like to know what he did in NYC that got him banished before I ship him and Megan too hard. Because if he's a slimeball, he shouldn't be around Lacey. And it seems that this season Megan is much more irrascible than last season.

Smash Review: The Hit List is a Go!

I think that Jimmy is an immature jerk who is selfish, throws fits and gets high way too often to be a good match for Karen, no matter how good their chemistry is...she would do well to stay OUT of a relationship with him, as he will only drag her down into drug abuse and make her his punching bag for all his immature fits. Still, I hope that Hit List makes it to Broadway, and I hope that Eileen tears Jerry and slimey Ellis apart, and takes Bombshell back. I don't think Tom will be a great director, but I do think the show will make it to Broadway, I just don't think it will be very successful in its current incarnation, and if they choose Ivy to play Marilyn, it will flop big time, because Ivy isn't as good a Marilyn or as good a singer as Karen.


I'm with Megan, Sally can't come back as a ghost, she agreed to give her soul to the witch (Linda Lavin) who brought her back, and from what we have seen, the witch EATS souls and dusty bodies, apparently, to keep her young. Ugh.
Though I understand why it's abhorrent to Sally to eat live things, I think she is going to reconsider that as soon as she starts decaying again and her hair falls out, her teeth come out and her insides start to rot. Not to mention the nasty smell of decaying corpse that her roommates are not going to want to deal with. She should consider just eating small animals for as long as she can, and then she needs to get to the witch and ask her WTF is going on, and what else she can do about it other than eating live things. I am glad that Aiden survived the virus and I'm also glad that Josh is a wolf again. Loved the old hippy werewolf, too, with his crockpot and wine!

Deann of a king: LOVE. And I agree with the reviewer that the best moment of the night was Rumple's phone call to Belle. That had me in tears! So well enacted and so beautiful!
I have to say that I am not a fan of Robert Carlysle, after seeing his work in Hamish Macbeth and Stargate Universe, I felt like all he could play was "wee pissed off Scotsman" and nothing else. However, during this episode of OUAT, I saw him play Rumple as a seducer and a lover of a gorgeous young woman, and was surprised that he actually pulled it off, so much so that I believed he was sexy in that turning straw into gold scene. Color me amazed.


I was glad that this episode, as heart-wrenching as it was (pun intended) lead to the death of Cora, whom I have little sympathy for. Yes, she was treated like dirt by the crappy royals, yes, she wanted revenge for that, but in any Monarchy there are the royals and the peasants, and there are always a lot more peasants than there are royals. It's a caste system that is still in place to a certain extent, in England. Yes, the royals are figureheads, but look how eagerly the peasants await news of any problems or divorces or missteps in the royal family! There's practically an entire tabloid industry based on royal-watching. So she was the miller's daughter and had a hard childhood, big deal. I'd be willing to bet there are thousands like her in the fairy-tale kingdom. The only thing that differentiated her from them is her lust for power and revenge. And she seems to have thrived on such things for her whole life, giving up the one thing that makes the life of a peasant better than the life of a king: LOVE.

Revenge Review: Hell Hath No Fury

Loved this episode, and though I know Emily loved her, I am glad that Fauxmanda perished with one of the evil Ryan brothers. I hope that Emily has the chance to tell Jack the truth, though it would not surprise me if she puts it off until the end of the season, because the time isn't right.
I love Aiden and Emily together, because they're both beautiful and both wounded and they have chemistry that Emily doesn't really have with Jack, by her own intention.
And I, too, wish they wouldn't bring in the foster brother as yet another distraction from Emily getting REVENGE. Oh, and Nolan, my sweet Nolan, was ever so adorable this episode, saving the day and calling himself everyone's pawn. He's an amazing guy, to put up with all of that. He's the best character on the show, IMHO.

Person of Interest Review: Identity Thief

I enjoyed this episode, though I did figure out that it was the FBI agent, just because he seemed the least likely suspect. Still, very entertaining, especially the atmosphere of the storm, and the old-style "Clue" like plot of trying to figure out whodunit.
I was especially proud of Finch, however, in this ep, because he stood up to the killer, and made the statement that they were nothing alike, because Finch saves people, and evil imposter guy just kills them because he enjoys it, because he's sick and twisted and evil. It took courage to say that to his face, especially when you know he's going to kill you.Finch just looks so much like a Wind in the Willows "Mole" illustration, so blind without his glasses and so vulnerable, it is easy to forget that he's a genius and capable of so much, but that he uses his powers for good. I LOVE that about this show.

Glee Review: She's Having A Baby

I am with TV!Garth, last nights ep was AWESOME, right from that wonderful first number, which was elegant, beautiful and perfectly choreographed to The DangerZone/Old Time Rock and Roll mashup with lots of hot young lads clad in tighty whities and socks! I LOVED the music, and I adored how caring Santana was with Rachel when she needed a hug and compassion. I loved all her quips and witty asides, too. Glee wouldn't be Glee without Santana keepin' it real! I also really hope that Emma and Will get back together, because that whole thing with Finn has been blown out of porportion. It was just a kiss, for heaven's sake! Get over it, Will, you're an adult and he's still a teenager! I loved In Your Eyes, which always makes me cry. And I hope that Brody gets kicked to the curb, because if he is a drug dealer, he needs to go, now.

Smash Review: A Difficult Decision Ahead

"As an avid television watcher, I get irritated when great shows don't find an audience and get canceled, while certain trash remains on, in some cases, it seems forever." said the reviewer, and I say AMEN to that! That has been my gripe about TV for a long time. It seems like even more so in the past several years, that wonderful well-written shows with great ensemble casts get the hook and are yanked off the air while trash like "Reality" shows and The Mindy Project get renewed for some reason beyond my understanding. Anyway, LOVED the part of the ep where they had to go to Eileen for the tie-breaker, and I was also glad to see she got dumped by the prison guy. I hope she takes over Hit List and makes it a huge success, just to show Jerry who the REAL producer is! I also hope she chooses the older version of Bombshell, and that it becomes a hit with Karen in the lead. She was born to play Marilyn!


I loved this episode, especially the Kenzi-Deeks banter and their realization that they do have feelings for one another. Unlike a lot of people here, I've been shipping them from the start, and I think they'd have a wonderful, sparky relationship that would be seriously entertaining and funny. I don't think it would bring the ratings down at all. In fact, I think it would bring the ratings up, because they're such different people that they compliment one another. Where Kenzi is weak, Deeks is strong, and visa versa. I think she could get him to be more serious and he could heal her heart. I would LOVE to see more eps that involved the two of them together. I also loved that fact that Hettie had the balls to say NO this episode, and she was tough and to the point about it. She showed her leadership skills in this ep. I also loved it when Sam tackled the guy he thought was making moves on his wife...LOL!

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