NCIS Los Angeles Finale: Did Torture Scene Go Too Far?

My problem with the torture scene was that it was unpredictable. Had it be predictable I would not have watched the episode. If it becomes predictable, I will not watch any in the future. The writers have gone to great lengths to make the characters of Callen and Hanna tough-as-nails bad asses. They have gone to equally great lengths to make the characters of Deeks and Kensi less so, even amusing. Skilled operatives, definitely, but equally sympathetic. What next? Does the character of Nell get -her- face drilled into? She is, after all, a part-time gun-toting field agent, too! Viewers have expectations that are carefully crafted by the very talented writers. To violently exploit those expectations for their shock value makes some viewers feel they have been toyed with, viewers who may or may not show up next season to see if the writers have any more emotional strings they can yank. [Forgive me if my comments lack professionalism. I am simply a viewer who happened across this column.]