2 Broke Girls Review: A First Time for Everything

I so want to like this show because I'm told I should but I really think it is so forced.

Two and a Half Men Review: Nine Magic Fingers, Two Big Guns

Ok, the idea to make Ashton some sort of great looking dweeb isn't working. I know they didn't want to do the cliche' of having the new character being just like Charlie but to make him to complete opposite isn't working.

Charlie's Angels Review: Questions Galore...

Once again. I didn't hate the show. It's growing on me. I'm just hoping they give it some more time. I haven't heard it was cancelled...yet. Abby is starting to grow on me. Eve is now getting on my nerves. It was weird to me that she has all of the sudden becomes Kate's best friend. Isn't she still a newbie. Also the guy playing Bosley... I'm thinking now that you just can't act.

Pan Am Review: Off to Paris

I think the show would be better if they focused on the spy character and Christine Ricci. I have no reason to care about the rest of the characters and I think it's dragging the show down.

Charlie's Angels Review: A Fresh Look

I have to admit that I didn't hate the episode. I almost liked it. I agree that for some reason there's a decision to make Abby the "Farrah" of the show and I think it's a mistake. Maybe they should have allowed her to keep her accent. I liked the fact that there is some continuity like the fact that Kate know Russian. That came in handy this episode and I kind of forgot about it.

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