I rewatched the ending and I got the same feeling, that it was the ambulance that was on fire and the bodies were that of Mer, Alex and the baby....hope not but....



I reckon that Mer's head injury will be worse that it looks. They will save the baby, the bodies on the road are dead. The look on both Mer and Alex's faces, was more the fact that the truck/car that hit them was on fire and fuel was leaking on the road, if that hits the ambulance then fireworks!

Mer will keep hold of the baby all the way back to SGMW and collapse once she hands her to Robbins. Derek will have to save her again, but this time in the or!

Christina was amazing over the whole Henry thing. She will fall out with Owen and disappear to the bar, where she will meet Alex who will tell her about Mer.

Teddy will be beyond saving. She will walk away. No one will be able to comfort her.

Callie and Jackson's patient will live, but Owen will have to repremand them. Teddy may well take her grief over Henry out on them.

Mer will wake up after surgery to find Derek walking in with Zola....

We can dream.....



Think about it: George and Izzie had the best surgeons at Seattle Grace working on it them! George's arm was a mess, but hey McSteamy said it wasn't a problem if he could operate in the next couple of hours... he did! No worries.

George and Izzie have alot of recovery time to do and there is a new girl interest for George and a new husband for Izzie...

As for Mer and Der well a baby on the way would kinda need the post it marriage to have a rethink and maybe a more than a sticky bit...

Owen and Christina along with Arisona and Callie all new relationships and issues there.

Lexi and Mark will have bumpy maybe blimpy road to travel.

Bailey and the Chief will have a road to travel too.

Season 6 is about to hit new roads, because Mer got all healed and whole, she got her man and in her words which summed up the whole five seasons... the house you wanted to sell became your home, the flatmates that were forced upon you became your family and the one night stand you wanted to forget became the love of your life....

Guys don't spend the summer trying to guess Shondra and her team, spend the summer watching your favourite eppies!!!

Like Shondra says the answers to season 5 were in the first episode of that season. (Thank God Rose didn't appear with a baby!!!)


Was the elevator - the elevator to heaven? If so was Izzie on it and George sensing it stopped it so she could get off? Or was he getting on?
Izzie got cancer like so many do and George got hit by a bus. You have to live each day because you never know what is going to happen. You forget your sunscreen but that's no big deal because you are you and thats just it.


ooops sorry, and leads perfectly to his part in the finale.... just a thought, and really if Shondra and her team of very talented writers did leak the unhappy rumours then...genius! And all the on/offs with MerDer season 5 just made it worth it. Our gal is all healed and whole! And McDreamy cut his hair....ahhhhhh


Ok guys this is just a thought but all those rumours of Katherine Heigl and TR Knight are they or are they not leaving the show, would they have been leaked by one of Shondra's team? Shondra is the show's creator so the show is her baby,she has a plan, a map of what the season would hold, so she knew what was in store for Izzie so rumours of Katherine Heigl leaving would help if she/if she didn't die. TR Knight not being happy, well if George doesn't have alot of air time each episode then that just paves the rumours and leads perfectly to the