Supernatural Review: The End of Bobby Singer?

I dont want Bobby to die I feel he is as much of a leading part as Dean and Sam are, Bobby brought laughter to the show, love for Dean and Sam he showed that you dont actually have to be a father, in order to love two young men, he became a great friend and father to both Winchester boy's helped them through good and bad scrapes. No I feel its a bad call to get rid of Bobby there are so many stories that could be made with the three of them. DONT LET BOBBY DIE.

Supernatural Round Table: "Meet the New Boss"

I love the new season although it shocked me to see Cass the way he is in this season, but it will be exciteing to see how its all played out. I love Jared and Jensen,but what is amazeing to is I could be their mom lol I have son's the same age. I put everything aside to be home to watch Supernatural, ive always been a person who lovd these kind of shows and Horror, I dont know why but I do.So glad Bobby is playing this season,I love the bond these three guy's have.My hubby has passed away and for my sons to have someone like Bobby to keep them inline would have been the greatest.

The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 61

Jeremy: Come on girls level with me aim I really dreaming or are you playing with my head again caroline. Caroline: What are yoy talking about were here just for a picnic Jeremy: vampire's dont eat caroline remember they suck blood. oh maybe thats whats up with these other people its your lunch.
Elena: Do u think she would sit here and watch us eat. think not.