Game of Thrones Review: Everything's Changed

Oh okay... no problem...

Chicago Fire Review: Tragedy Strikes

I just spent the last 2 weeks watching the show. I didn't even know it was on hiatus ! I LOVE IT ! I read every single review and comment. Yeah, I'm hooked.
I didn't like Jones, though I was just starting to warm up to her. Hermann, Mills, Casey and Boden tried to help. But I think the person she needed the most was her father. And like she said he didn't answer... That is sad. After all the crap, she still thought about Dawson and left her that not. Strange...
Gosh I laughed so hard at the fake date with Cruz and Mouch. Hilarious. Loved how Kelly and Casey jumped in to give advice. His date was so cute. Hope it works out !
That "Lord of Gloom and Doom" is a piece of work. Loved the reaction of the guys when they saw his wife. Yup, life is unfair. I mean how did that even happen !
Now, I thought it was gonna an no Dawson/Shay episode, had me all worried and stuff ! But man, they were funny listening in on that couple. Though, the fun got over real quick. Casey and Dawson are just meant to be, she pined on him for so long, why can't they just be happy and be done with it ! Come on ! What he said to her was so not cool. Glad he apologized. However as I was thinking that they never said "I love you" he said it. And she said it as well. Guess, it was so obvious they didn't need no words.
I do not like that Bloom character. He is trouble ! Kelly vouching for him like that. Something bad is gonna happen. I liked what the receptionist said to Kelly. Very deep. BTW, Kelly shirtless, WE LIKE ! Now, the preview has me worried. Don't you give Hermann no hell. Cannot wait for next episode !

11 Recent TV Deaths We May Never Get Over

How about Mark and Lexie from Grey's Anatomy !!!

Suits Review: The Real Gamble

Brilliant episode. I totally didn't realize that the next episode was the season's finale ! I am freaking out here !!!!
Louis and Jessica's interaction was just AWESOME ! PRICELESS. I loved it. Had me laughing so hard !
Katrina and Rachel working together was cool. I liked they Louis name calling in the library. On point ! I also thought that Rachel going to Jessica was going to end badly, but nope. I feel like Rachel sometimes pushes her luck a bit. Jessica taking it is even more surprising. Oh well, maybe I am over analyzing this.
Scottie and Harvey are just not working. When it comes to Mike, he is just not going to tell. Donna saying she keeps picking at him was interesting. She knew and let it happen for Harvey to realize that it wasn't working. Very interesting indeed.
Now, that lawyer had me scared... Mike is definitely in the spotlights ! Though I wanted him to take the job, the show would not be Suits if he had.
The finale is going to set me ablaze !

Game of Thrones Review: Everything's Changed

winking back !

Arrow Review: Man of Answers

This episode was intense !!!! Loved every single bits ! I cannot believe Slade told Thea about Malcom ! But worse was her blaming Ollie. I mean WTF ?! Now, Slade telling Laurel that Oliver is the Arrow, I mean COME ON !!!! Her not realizing that The Black Canary is her sister is already hard to swallow. But now that her father is in jail... What is he gonna do !
I absolutely loved Felicity . She knew what he needed. That ship cannot sink ! Sara and Oliver just don't work anymore...
Oh yeah, btw, what's up with Slade seeing Shado ! That is so wrong. She would have never said things like that, or even approved of what he is doing ! Yup, the man is far gone !
Sebastian Blood is back. I have to admit, Laurel apologizing to him rubbed me the wrong way !

Game of Thrones Review: Everything's Changed

My, my, my. What a way to start a season ! This episode was just amazing ! The recap a the beginning was well done. Tywin melting Ned's sword...just plain wrong. Then when he threw the wolf (skin maybe) into the fire, that was it. Very symbolic.
So many lines cracked me up. Jaime's mostly. But man I thought he was gonna tell Joffrey off. But nope, he just kept taking it. Even with Tywin. That man is just despicable. No coming back for him.
I definitely enjoyed the Martells. Very interesting. Oberyn was just wow.
Sansa is still useless BUT I felt her grief. Tyrion trying to console her was very nice. Shae is a tad annoying. Bad timing as well. Which makes me wonder. Oh well, we'll see what the writers do about this one !
I am so glad to see Brienne and Jaime interactions. Just priceless.
Cersei is such a B**** !! After all he's been through she still has the nerves to blame him for it ! Wow.
Dany and her dragons kinda freak me out. The way it snapped at her. They aren't pets. And now onto Daario. I miss the old one. I knew it was not gonna be easy, but I still don't et why they changed him ! Yes the flower scene was nice, but still !
Arya and the Hound were just awesome ! She is definitely going dark ! I cannot wait to see if the writers will follow the books on this one !
Jon Snow looked fierce. I definitely enjoyed that scene. He finally knows something LOL ! I do miss him and Ygritte but hey, this is war ! The new tribe was so creepy !!!!
All in all, solid episode, just deliciously dangerous ! Loved it !

Game of Thrones Review: Everything's Changed

They replaced him. when I heard I was not happy at all. It didn't get any better when watching the episode. Don't know why they changed the actor...

Scandal Review: Out Of the Darkness

I said exactly the same thing ! I thought that she deserved whatever was coming her way !

Scandal Review: A Family Affair

This episode was one of the best ! Well written. Olivia finally realized that she is the help. She cleans up after them. Mamma was right.
But damn that episode was full of goodness. Almost gave me a whiplash !
From Mellie, to the kids , to Fitz and Olivia, to Andrew, to Jake and Rowan, to The Spy Triangle that is Hick/Quinn/Charlie and finally Adnan and Harrison. Just amazing. I cannot believe that the finale is almost there !

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