I was really intrigued by the way that Snow Queen said Emma's name as well. That was like, WOW ! Now is she Elsa's Auntie... I'm not too sure. Waaaay too convenient !


Last week's episode was soooo amazing I felt for Cruz. Though I didn't think the guys were supporting him enough, in the end I figured that they believed in him so just acted as normal.
Now, I have not commented since he show started. Why they killed
Shay I was so disgusted. I cried like a lot. LOL. I know right , the feels. But, I keep watching. And yes, Brett's presence was rough, too soon, but with Mills joining Paramedics, maybe it'll be better. It was very touching when he went to see his grandfather. The bad news was hard on him.
Dawson and Casey will try. Though I don't know if it will go smoothly... It will def be hard on them. Hopefully they'll overcome the obstacles.

Arrow Season 3 Episode 1 Review: The Calm

Sara's death was a shock... It left me gasping at the screen for no reason. I cold not even feel anything it happened so quick. For me it was the same thing as when Olly's Mom got kidnapped and killed. Thought it was a nightmare...
The premiere was strong. Love Ray Palmer. Felicity and him clicked. Now don't get me wrong I am an Ollicity shipper. However, Oliver is confused right now. I am happy he sorted out his feelings for her somehow and gave it a try. It was the sweetest thing when he asked her out. BUT, it is not the right time (when will it ever be ?). And with Sara's death...more complicated.
Baby Diggle !!! That was something else. So I guess Pops is not gonna be on the field no more ?
As to who killed Sara : Merlin ? Ras Al Gull ? Thea ? We'll see !


That show !!!!!!Is going to be the end of me. The episode before last was so god. I had my theories straight. Last week though. More confusion. Even though I was quick to think Sam was guilty, now it sure as hell don;t work in his favor ! He lied. But Nate covered it up. Was is to stop Annalise from destroying her marriage ? Maybe. As he is on probation, is it to build a case and if it pans out be the one coming out on top ? We'll see. Needless to say, that was not nice AT ALL.
Now, Connor, what a bad boy ! The revelation was too much lmao. As much as I don't like Michaela, finding out your fiance was with your nemesis...a man at that ! WOW. The whole thing was very entertaining.
I am very intrigued by Frank. That sexy lumberjack/wolf look is making me dizzy ! Now I know that him and Laurel are not there just yet. However I am very interesting is learning HOW they got there !
This week's case was very good. That woman though... What she said in the car and was she ended up doing should not have surprised me in the end, yet it did.
Wes, Wes, Wes. He got Annalise to represent Rebecca but how he got there was reckless. Now, my question is what is on that phone for her to have confessed straight away. I am glad the gang will be defending her as what Wes told Annalise was more than true. Now, Wes and Rebecca ending up together was not so much of a surprise. What was is that he did all of this for her. Did she kill Sam ?
Thsi show is keeping me on my toes and at the edge of my seat ! Love it !

Outlander Season 1 Episode 8 Review: Both Sides Now

That mid-season finale was amazing ! I loved it. It was good to see Frank again and not forget. I also knew Claire would try to go back and choose Claire Randall. I was shouting at my screen when she got pulled back ! Didn't even realize that she touched the stones . I was so disappointed. I felt for Frank.
April is a long way to go. I will read the books. But I am definitely in love with this show, it has Scotland and time traveling ! Yup, I'm sold !

Revenge Season 4 Episode 1 Review: Born Again

I honestly vouched I was not gonna come back this season. Revenge had done it for me with the not-so-dead David Clarke issue. I was dreading it too. But curiosity peaked my interest (more like tv show addiction but hey ) I liked the episode but still cannot understand why that man is alive. I mean everything Emily has done... does not make any sense anymore. The people she's lost, killed, etc...
Victoria's escape was remarkable. In true Queen V fashion.
Jack a cop ? Really
And then Daniel and Charlotte still useless.
Poor Nolan tryna reason with Emily was sad. She is quite addicted to the red sharpie.

Revenge Season 4 Episode 1 Review: Born Again

Oooooooh ! that is a very solid point ! That would explain why he has not revealed himself to her yet... And also why he looked so confused when she went to the house...


OMG !!! That show ! It had me hooked so much so that I watched it twice in a row ! The pace was fabulous and I certainly did not see that ending coming ! WOW ! Shonda, you did it again !
So many theories I have. Why did they kill him ? Was he with that student that got killed ? Did he kill her ?
And I love Wes. Dean from Harry Potter sure got hotter ! Lol

Outlander Season 1 Episode 7 Review: The Wedding

Wow... What a beautifully written episode ! The acting was incredible. The pace was absolutely wonderful. At the beginning I honestly felt robbed, since I didn't see the wedding and all. Patience is definitely a virtue !
The flashbacks had me cracking up ! And that dress, omg, was magnificent !The detail...
It was very beautiful to see Claire and Jaimie fall in love on their wedding night. Their first time was awkward. And then Claire had the brilliant idea of leaving the room and the lads had me laughing so hard with their comments and all. But then after that, the newly weds were so comfortable with each other. The part where they both look at each other' s bodies had my head swooning. With all the tension I forgot to breath ! And when he gave her the pearls, so sweet.
Btw, I always thought Dougal was cross with Claire, sure her tried once, and his comment about grinding her corn was funny, but in this episode, it was clear : Dougal definitely wants Claire. I hope this doesn't go any further.
Now that ring did wake her up. I think Claire, for one night, forgot about Frank. And worse, was that she was falling in love with Jamie and this was like a wake up call. What will happen next !

Outlander Review: I Will Break You...

OMG !!! This episode right here was amazing ! And yes, this is the first time you've given a 5 ! Randall...what a monster ! I could tell he was enjoying the story a bit too much. Talking about the memory making his legs shake, etc. When he was lashing Jamie, he was def enjoying it. Claire though, she is a tough cookie but that sucker punch was a disgrace ! That man , though I never doubted, after this, the word monster doesn't even come close.
You go Dougal ! To the rescue ! But the tit for tat at the dining table was priceless. Brits vs Dougal !
Jamie and Claire, getting married ! Yay ! Though Jim you forgot the best quote , the fact that at least one of them will be experienced !
The shit just got real-er ! And I cannot wait for the next one !