CSI Review: Taking Care of Family

The past few weeks i managed to watch all CSI episodes. And season 12, Ecklie REALLY grew on me !!! And Morgan, from season's 11 finale, she became a favorite ! Gosh the girl is cool ! And yes, I thought her and Greg would finally hit it off, but nope, Hodges !!! I don't know... I liked him better with Wendy... Anyways, we'll see !
Season 12 finale was one of the bests in my opinion, and this premiere did it justice. Finn, girl I like you being hardcore and all, but dumb... HELLOOOO !!!! Anyways, Moreno and her, definitely want MORE !
I love the fact that we can see more of DB's family. I love them all already ! But hated his "inside reality vision", fooled me everytime !
Nick, quitting? yeah right ! Enjoyed Sarah and him bickering, very family like ! Catherine's departure was a very bad memory, so wouldn't have been able to stomach another one...
Really can't wait for more of this season !!!!

CSI Review: Cliffhanger With A Side Of Karma

one of the best season's finale of CSI !!!!! WOW !!!

Bones Season Premiere Review: Hope, Pain and Grief

The end says it all !!! That "friend" is in on it ! Knew it, just did ! Honestly, should't even be surprised that Pallent got away with it...AGAIN !!!! But gosh it felt to see them all again !!! Sweets !!!! Glad Dr Clarke is back !!!! And gosh may I be the one to say it : THAT WIG SUCKED !!!! YURK !!! I was soooo glad when she took it off !!!
But the story was well written, cast played it superbly !!! Welcome back !!
Cannot wait for the rest !
Must say, kinda thought Pallent was gonna kill himself... oh hell , Bones got to slap him, after telling Booth not to do anything lol !

Drop Dead Diva Review: The Fork In The Road

WTF !!!! "Just Jane" in Owen's body ?! That is just purely SICK !!! Finally Jane/Deb had the chance to be with him...and btw, yup the kiss was weird...not on the lips I'm afraid ! Grayson's confession was beautiful !
Happy that Kim and PArker are gonna settle down ! Thought they already did... Do not like Luke... I was sooo happy to See Fred !! If the twist at the end of the episode turns out to be true, I hope he'll be the guardian angel. But I really don't like old Jane... she's not very pleasant. And obviously she'll be the main protagonist so that doesn't help ! Gosh Owen and Jane/Deb will never be together now...
I also loooooved the bridesmaids dresses, thought it looked better on Teri. Cannot wait for next season. Hope I'll like it.
The case for the Tumor shoulda been in another episode, true...

Eric Dane Confirms Departure From Grey's Anatomy

I SO KNEW IT !!!!! After Lexie's death, I'm sorry, there wasn't much left for Mark... So yeah, not a surprise at all !!!


I think it was in season 2 with Grayson, she thought she was pregnant. After that the exact episode... probably eps 2-4...


OMG !!!! I loved the episode ! I really want Jane and Owen to be together but what I just saw at the end of the episode makes me worry !
That lawyer was just WOW ! And Jane deserved what he said about her, as they were an INCREDIBLE team ! And yup, that was Daphne lol, and Bridget (The Bold and the Beautiful) and Megan (The Young And The Restless) looool.
The Pake-off was just that good ! Brilliant ! BUT Stacy girl, that cutie, I'm so glad she's going to the wedding with him. Their scene was soooo nice I had had to rewind lol. I just loved it ! I want more of them !
Kim preggers ! er... Helloooo ! WTH !

True Blood Review: Capture the Rapture

And yes, Jason shooting the vampers and the cameras was just PRICELESS ! And I agree, it looked like Russell had an OD of fairie blood but Eric staked him... Damn Eric and Nora killing those vampires was awesome ! And them bickering on how to disable everything was hilarious.
I really didn't like the ghost parents ! I found them REALLY annoying !
I wasn't surprised at all when Salome started choking on the blood. REally dumb, of course Bill was gonna trick her ! The guy is crazy lol -er !
I felt sooo sad for Jessica when Jason rejected her... But Pam looked so happy to see Eric and him to see her that it made up for it...a lil bit
And also, I agree that sometimes to beat your oponent you have to do as they do. And I am sooo glad Alcide got to kill that SOB ! Hope he won't get affected by the blood too much !

True Blood Review: Capture the Rapture

OMG !!!!!! I loved it !!! Soooo many moments that are worth talking about !!! But the commentary during Maurella's delivery were just priceless !!!! Come on Andy, FOUR BABIES !!!!! And worst part was, your girlfriend had to deliver them, AWKWARD !!! And Tara and Pam Kissing !!! Soooo was gonna happen ! Jessica was funny as well ! And yes, the award goes to Sam !! That was the weirdest moment but man I loved the way he killed that bitch !
Eric/Sookie/Nora/Jason, nuff said ! loool. Just loved them interacting ! The food, the smell, the children ! And I will be forever greatful for killing Russel ! Thank YOU !
Bill you just fucked up, gone ! Sookie you're dumb as usual, and I cannot wait to see if he catches them next season ! lol

True Blood Review: Suck Me Beautiful

Arlene funny as usual ! Loved when she started talking about the fire demon loool !
AND, Eric and the sister... Let me start by saying that "the blood is strong" ! WOW ! Yep, he totally forgave her loooool ! Glad the nonsense is over though, she was just crazy ! But hope Eric saves the day, and those secret weapons are certainly going to help him !