Devious Maids Review: Just Listen

Nice ! That was a great episode. Hilarious ! I am so glad Spence grew a pair. However, Reggie is a rat ! Though Rosie, come on ! She should have given him some credit. Fair enough he broke her heart. But really ?
Zoila once again was utterly hilarious. Love her and Javier.
Carmen needs to watch her back. That Ty kid got issues ! Spence should be careful too. Things are gonna get nasty real quick.
Now Marisol had every right to give Nick an ultimatum. Enough is enough ! At least we know now for sure that Opal pushed Dahlia and killed her. But I still say that it's because either Nick or Opal killed Evelyn and Adrian's son. Though I didn't expect her to run him over. Damn that woman ! I will be alive but probably surrounded by machines.
Valentina and Remi were so cute. I miss them ! Ethan though, I kept telling myself nah, he's not one of the robbers. Yeah, he is . Remi, go get your woman back !
Adrian is back and he picked up on what was going on. Nice Valentina. Evelyn and Tony's faces were priceless !
I cannot wait for the rest .

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Hello Matt. No reviews ?

Revenge Review: Do Unto Others

I would think it to be a dream... Would make more sense.

Hannibal Review: The Red Sea

Wow... HOLY COW ! I don't think I'll be able to comment just yet... Eyes poppin' out too hard lol. What the heck is Du Maurier doing with Hannibal !

Devious Maids Review: Trust Issues

OMG ! Evelyn's son died 15 years ago. Dahlia died 15 years ago saying that they killed "him"... Adrian also said that theu never caught the killer... What if Nick and/or Opal killed Barrett ?????

Penny Dreadful Review: Voices of the Dead

HOLY MOLLY !!!!!!! What the heck did I just watch !! I loved it ! The pilot was exciting, but this episode was on a totally different level !
I'm like WHAAAAAAT !!!!! Michelle, the freaky moments you listed were accurate ! I'll add the discovery made by that crazy man about the Egyptian gods (not Greek btw), Vanessa screwing that guy in the streets, just like that, Proteus getting his memories back including the singing and the reading (good freaky). I want more of this show !!! The monster finally appears. So sad for Proteus though...
Am I the only one who thinks that Vanessa is very powerful ? Everytime she prayed it would turn out quite freaky, she also stopped the vampire in its track and was possessed in a very strong way. It seems that she has a powerful connection to the other world...


That was an awesome episode ! Love all of it except Baelish not sending Robin flying ! So annoying ! Hope they'll keep him locked up, which I know they won't but hey, I can only dream right !
Oberyn !!! I was literally chanting his name and then he appeared ! He's going to be Tyrion's champion, now writers, please please please make this right ! The books are the books right ?? Loved the scene where he told that story to Tyrion. Very emotional... Tyrion had tears. Yes, Cersei's hatred started really early, even earlier than that. She didn't even blink while going over them bowels ! Damn she was so sure she had him LOL ! I cannot wait to see the look on her face !
Jon Snow will prevail ! Poor Ghost though... Heartless bastards lol !
It was so nice to see Hot Pie. He's done well, getting that baking right ! Brienne I think is heading to the Eyrie. Pod he's such a good lad. He was right to tell Brienne to keep the reason for their trip on the down-low.
Arya and The Hound. Awesome pairing ! I loved how he handled the situation with the dying man. Also that neck wound looked painful though. Arya was right about the fire. But the man is scared shitless of fires. For good reasons as he revealed to her. Very sad. His brother is a monster... Oberyn will take care of him !
Jaimie declining to be Tyrion's champion was understandable. Bronn, funny enough, his decision was actually true to himself. He told Tyrion before if push came to shove. Sure it was not easy to swallow, but hey, it's Bronn. Their goodbyes were so sad though.
Baelish kissing Sansa... Timing is essential. Of course he knew Lysa was watching. Man I wish that kid would have gone too. The scene where he sends her flying was awesome. I think him saying "Only Cat" would have been too short. That's probably why they changed it.
So glad Dany finally gave in to Daario ! Though again, I would have preferred the previous actor. Now, I am also glad she took Jorah's advice and sent that guy as an Ambassador. She doesn't want to become a dictator now. She needs to show a good example to the freed slaves.
Also, that Red Witch better stay away from Shireen. That kid is the only sane person, after Davos, in that wretched place !
Anyways. it was ALL good !


I am wondering how the writers are going to do the Combat scene... So anxious ! I too was not surprised by the Red Wedding but it still was hard to watch ! Shock shock shocked by the way they did it.

Arrow Review: The Journey is Complete

Great Review Carissa ! That finale was incredible ! OMG ! I loved it! It was well measured, not too much of anything. Brilliant. The fight scene under the bridge was amazingly well choreographed ! WOW.
Thea Queen is no more. Thea Merlin lives ! Lol. Anywho, Malcolm was so cool. I know he's bad but the way he spoke to her was true. He knows he's a psycho but she had the guts to shoot him. She doesn't trust anyone anymore, for good reasons and her going Merlin will rattle Oliver. Love it ! Poor Roy... oh well, he'll be able to focus on being Red Arrow.
When Lance got thrown away I knew he was hurt badly, but hey the man was still walking so I thought, okay. But it finally caught up to him. I don't think he's gonna die, but him running for mayor is a very good idea !
Ollicity had me squealing, then I rewind the scene and understood that he was not professing his love. Yet. He's not ready just yet. Also, Felicity needs to be with someone for him to feel it. Writers please make it happen !
Sara is gone. Laurel as the next Canary... Well we knew it was out there. Now the jacket fits. That should be okay. Laurel is less annoying now that she sorted her ish out and knows the truth. Though it was hard to see Sara get sucked by the waters, AGAIN ! Damn...
Loved Nyssa and Felicity's introductions. Priceless. And Nyssa killed Isabel. Finally !
Deathstroke is out ! Finally ! I couldn't stand this anymore. Though Oliver not killing him ? Fine, he's on a "deserted" island far away but still pretty much alive.
Speaking of, we are finally going to see how Oliver met Amanda ! On the mainland ! Then how the hell did he get back on that island ! Was he sent back there ? Why ?
Baby Diggle on the way ! More Lyla ! Oh yes !
Btw, always happy to see DeathShot !
Amazing finale !

Hannibal Review: The Eternal Chase

The episode was brilliantly crafted. Mason cutting his face off was gore, but interestingly enough it didn't do much to me. Now him tripping on whatever concoction Hannibal gave him was just hilarious. Though, Mason fed his flesh to Will's dogs Nick and it was plain wrong. It's as if he was doing to them what he trained his pigs to do. Though that scene where Hannibal was cooking and Will was as well, weren't there human pieces in the food ? Will fed that food to his dogs...
Is Will REALLY in control ? Sometimes I wonder. It seems like he is, but what du Maurier told Jack is definitely possible. Hannibal is making them think that they are close to catching him when in fact he is allowing them to get closer. Though I am hoping that they will catch him. For Will's sake. He is going deeper and deeper into this darkness that Hannibal happily fuels. He keeps imagining how he'll kill Hannibal. Though when he was offered the chance he didn't take because he actually wants to catch him. du Maurier is right about Hannibal using persuasion. But isn't Will learning the trick as well. He did so with Hannibal when he broke Mason's neck... I thought Hannibal killed her patient, didn't think she did it. Wow, what a twisted lot !
Margot is finally going to get her revenge. But she still needs his alive.
I can't believe the finale is next week ! I don't want it to end just yet !