The 100 Review: Defeating Demons

Gosh this episode was awesome ! The Ground er has a name ! Hi Lincoln ! Loved it when he smirked. That's when I knew he understood. And the whole interaction between him and Octavia was very nice. Now that kiss was well played. Loved it. I want more !!! Them nuts had me laughing. Some were fun to watch, others were just sad. Very smart of Octavia to use that to free Lincoln. And Finn, letting him go was very noble. Bellamy's catharsis was very interesting. Clarke's brought her father so she can forgive her mom. She's not quite there but will be eventually. Now, I knew that woman ordered the commander to kill Jaha. Glad we didn't have too many Ark scenes.
Finn and Raven definitely need to talk. It was very awkward watching them. With Clarke as well but he was right, were the guns a good idea ?
Also it seems that Clarke and Bellamy are getting closer. Jaha was smart to pardon him. But he won't know exactly who gave the order to kill him.


It is . And I could not feel 100% happy for Captain Swan as I was really hating Emma for what she did...


OH BOY !!!! Marian is back and Regina is screwed... Well in the EF she killed her, her true love's wife and mother of his son. Yeah, that relationship is over. It sucks x1000000 !!! I was so excited to see them together s she finally told him who he was to her... EMMA !!!!!! Like mother like daughter for sure ! The hate relationship between Emma and Regina is back ! She'll never forgive her for that. Sure Emma didn't know but come on ! Hook warned her many times. Fair enough she could not have let Marian died, but bringing her to the future ! So stupid.
Now, so many things cracked me up in that episode. Leroy's baby flying-monkey for Aurora, which a few of us thought of, Hook and Emma in the EF, PRICELESS, the jokes, the teasing, beautiful. And Rumple when he took the potion. Loved it all.
Favorite couple of the season would definitely be Regina and Hood. Favorite couple of the finale, Hook and Emma !!! Finally !
Loved to see Snow and Charming in the EF again. It was nice for Emma to see her parents fall in love. Now, the naming of the baby, very nice touch, though I agree, Prince Baelfire would have been even better.
Rumple and belle's wedding was sweet BUT the darkness is still there. He hasn't changed... When Belle realizes that, what will she do ?
I'm sorry, who's coming to Storybrooke ? ELSA !!!!!!!!! I swear someone said it in the comments before, that they wanted Elsa . Sure the writers provided ! Exciting times !!!!

11 TV Moms Whose Kids Will Need Therapy

Totally !!!!!!! That woman poisoned her kid's mind, killed her son's wife, drugged his ex-wife, had he first husband killed and the list goes on and on !!!!!!! She should be in the list !

Chicago Fire Review: A Decent Proposal

I thought that was sooo cool and would definitely be my favorite scene !

Revenge Review: The King's Folly

Okay, I stopped watching the show as it just wasn't interesting anymore. HOWEVER, the last 2 have been great ! The soap opera thing was getting on my nerves, the plot deviating from the revenge was boring. But right now, I am actually looking forward to the finale. Though I will say this : Either they finish everything this season or make a half season a wrap it up. Sorry, but this masquerade of a show has lasted too long. Revenge used to be so much better ! It took them that long to make episodes that actually make sense and are good.
Please kill Daniel. Conrad is a snake he may not stay in jail long enough. I cannot believe Victoria's nerves ! She put the Clarke family is this situation and yet wants to take down Emily ?
I loved that it was Ems who abducted Charlotte. Sure a sister relationship for these 2 will never be, but it had to be done. Aiden's reaction surprised me and at the same time didn't. Loved Conrad's take down. The way he flipped on Charlotte, WOW ! The man is evil !
Daniel telling Margaux the "truth" ! LOL. Which one ! I hope she realizes that Jack was trying to protect her from it and ask him to explain himself. Though, they are not talking, so I don't see how that will happen.
Am I then only one who thought that detective was weird. Hot, but strange, as introducing someone new now, means something... Oh well, we'll see.

Patricia Arquette to Anchor CSI Spinoff

Why don't you guys comment on this show anymore !!! Last week's episode with Patricia was AMAZINGLY AWESOME !!!! When is the Spin-off coming ?


This episode was awesome ! I agree with you Chris, Bran "killing" Locke by warging Hodor was intense. And Jon killing Karl the way he did left me with my mouth hanging opened ! That was quite a show. Don't know which one trumps the other. They were both fantastic !
Cersei and Margery's talk was unusual. I seriously thought that Cersei was going to say something vile to her. But nope, she acknowledged the fact that Tommen needed more than his mother. Now, I could see Margery bracing herself for some verbal bitch-slap, but none came. Best part was the "He shocked me" line.
Oberyn should watch his back. I too noticed that Cersei was sweet talking him as he is one of the judges in Tyrion's trial. Same for her dad. They are broke, not a scoop, as Tyrion figured it out when he was made Master of Coins.
Pod and Brienne were funny. At least she acknowledged him.
Baelish is a force to be reckoned with ! That Lysa, we knew she was crazy, now how much is what we didn't know ! I was so glad we got spared the breastfeeding scene. But, unfortunately, as Sansa did, we had to endure Lysa's passionate screams. Cringe-worthy that was. Sansa will need strength . That woman is paranoid AND crazy, bad combination. So Baelish made her poison her husband ? I remember her being oh so depressed over his death. LOL !
Bran and co had me worried. I wanted Jon to see him but as Jojen said, he would never let him go. Loved it when Jon and Ghost got reunited.
Now Dany made the right decision. She needs to rule and take care of things before going to Westeros. I cannot wait to see how that will go.
I can't believe we are halfway through season 4 either!!!!

Once Upon a Time Review: It's a Boy!

Yeah, I thought that was pretty dumb too. She kissed him and then I waited for the chest compressions, but nope, he just came back to life ! Like that ! Wish she'd have kissed him in a different situation.

Once Upon a Time Review: It's a Boy!

Loved the episode but it was flawed. The pendant, big mistake on Regina's part. Shoulda destroyed it ! She can be such a hoarder sometimes !
Now, the ingredients reminded me so much of the Witches attributes ! That was interesting. Really enjoyed the Oz scenes.
Rumple "killing" Zelena was understandable but the mess they will be in is his fault. He really couldn't sit this out. I really hope Belle is going to be forgiving on that one. Switching the daggers though, so much for trust !
Poor Snow, it was hard watching her lose her baby to Zelena... I was really pissed at how easy she kept throwing Regina, I mean SERIOUSLY ! She went through their defenses like a hot knife through butter ! Congrats Snow, it's a boy !
I liked how Hook told Emma about how scared she is. But man the woman bitch-slapped him with her words. Very harsh. As much as I love Captain Swan, it is hard to watch Hook pin over Emma like that. Anyways, she kissed him, sure to save his life, but at least she did it. It cost her her power. Is it really gone though ?
I really enjoyed the fact that it was Regina who "defeated" Zelena. Henry's pep talk did the trick. However, she is not a hero. But like she said, she was, today.
Now, they are going back in time. But who's life will be changed ? They stopped Zelena from jumping through the time warp. I just finished watching the episode and I already cannot wait for the 2 hour season finale !

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