NCIS Round Table: "Shell Shock"

@MKWolfe and Eric,...yep,...totally agree with the TIVA thing,...it's much more fun seeing them banter, tease,...then show their 'nice' feelings about each other at times...keeps us all guessing, even though I realize that many of the romanticist fans want to see a more involved relationship develop.
I'm afraid that the only way we'll see it happen is if one of them decides to leave the show,...then they might write in the romance episodes, eventually then exiting the one out so as to 'conform' to the Gibbs' rule; and that will then become a sad day in the life of NCIS,...as we know and love it today.

Shell Shock, Part I

Yea,...the only problem is having to wait an extra week because of the election...speaking of PTSD!!?

NCIS Round Table: "Lost at Sea"

Early in that first scene in the squad room, Ziva chides Tony with "you had your chance". Can anybody tell me when there was truly a time when Tony 'had his chance' with her?....and don't tell me in the elevator at the beginning of this season....not even close to 'a chance'!!?

NCIS Review: Reclaiming the Good

How about Vance's loud blow-up in the squad room!? I thought that that scene and the office scene (with Gibbs talking about his car being wired to blow) really set up the potential for some upcoming PTSD sub-plots involving Rocky's character,...now that 'sleeping beauty' Abby has been 'cured'!! :)

NCIS Season Premiere Review: The Aftermath

I had alot of mixed emotions about this season opener....and quite frankly, with all the promo 'hoopla', I was expecting more from this episode.
First, @Keith/others, I agree that the FBI/hotel scene was pretty contrived and unrealistic,...probably the only reason was to involve the FBI as another of the 'injured parties' and stir the process further.
Next, @Alihan, again I agree, the scene with Gibbs taking down Dearing was rather abbreviated, even weak,...especially for being the so-called 'climax' to this 5-6 episode man hunt. Heck, there was more excitement/drama when Gibbs slapped Dearing's photo on the most wanted wall than there was in last night's 'finalie'!!
...but, to finish,...Glasberg (as usual) did throw in some nice teasers to keep us fans wondering about future episodes:
1) the Ducky/Jimmy relationship is bound to be expounded upon,...and rightly so...should remain fun to watch develop.
2) Gibbs' basement not being big enough...where's that going to lead?
3) Gibbs' reaction to Tony's comment on Ryan---speaking of tease!
4) McGee's relationship with his dad...another personal issue on the horizon?
5) Tiva---c'mon you guys,...let it be,...this is a crime drama series; granted, the personal interweaving of the characters'/personalities adds an attractive touch,...but it should not be the main issue.
6) Abby...not sure where they're going with this, but it's bound to be entertaining!!


@charli...I agree with you 100%!! Those two can tease each other as they will and it adds some good humor at times,...but the 'drama' around them in a romance may not be good for them or for the series.


@SMS,...oh, you've missed the boat or some of the episodes,...Gibbs has some of his 'human' side more than you think. That's the beauty of it though: between Harmon's brilliant acting and the writing/producing, he'll always show his Marine-like discipline on the front side of him, but his caring side comes out at some times that are really precious when interacting with his team. It will be interesting to see how Jimmy P. 'earns his stripes' with Gibbs when he's given more M.E. demanding responsibility.


@Elaine: Nice summation for a true 'A' series that House really was. I'm not sure where Aurora B is coming from with that 'D' assessment,...I mean, c'mon,...177 episodes---second probably to only the greatness of NCIS as far as current series go---how many seasons do you go to rate above a 'D'?? I'll be interested in seeing what Hugh L. does next.

Will Jamie Lee Curtis Return to NCIS?

@ValS & @MzLady
....nice to hear some positive feedback on my little brainstorm :)...it would be nice to see Glasberg pick up on our little input here on the 'Fanatic',...but I'm not holding my breath.
And yea, I agree...that 200th ep was a real chinese firedrill...and, even though I've loved JLC in so many things over the years,...this role has set her up to be the perfect undercover villian that needs to be properly disposed of!! Having a couple of episodes where Abby uncovers her true colors and Gibbs finishes off his psych-op lover...just how much fun would it be to watch that develop!!

Will Jamie Lee Curtis Return to NCIS?

First,...yep, it's pretty obvious that the majority of the negatives about JLC come from the women NCIS fans...must be some sort of sexist psychology?!
Second, I agree with MzLady: I think that Curtis will be back to give some 'finality' to her character,...the way she raced off to address the ex- left things up in the air too much.
In that vain,...I also agree with Mitch,...she could be such an asset to the show. If only she hadn't been thrown into such an 'unlikeable' character, one that's now been too damaged to be able to recover any attraction to the audience.
One more thought,...how about having Ms. Ryan show her true colors as a 'bad guy' and have Gibbs (not Abby) become the final judge, jury, and (you guessed it...) EXECUTIONER----now that would be some kind of storyline!