When it comes to Tony & Ziva,...everyone just needs to 'get a life'!! :) Their bantering, flirting, insulting, teasing scenes are great stuff...they help make the show what it is....entertainment....getting them in a 'heavy' or serious mode will affect attitudes and ultimately become demeaning to NCIS,...I think.
The elevator should make for a very entertaining environment!!

House Review: A Flood of Emotions

Pam...I'm with you all the way,...after not discovering House till the third season, I've gotten the DVD's of every season and, after seeing every episode, I've come to the conclusion of similar finality. The only variation will be that House and Wilson will commit simultaneous suicide by driving off a cliff or into a gasoline storage facility (explosive enough?) so that they can end it all in some form of togetherness!! I know that sounds like some morbid way to end a wonderfully successful series of nearly 200 episodes,...but it may be fitting for such an emotional rollercoaster that House has provided us over the years.
Like so many of us,...I'll miss this series,...but hope to see the talent of Hugh Laurie in many future endeavors!!

NCIS Review: A Slow Burner

No doubt about it,...consensus on an excellent episode.
This one really showed the versatility of Weatherly....prissy with his new boots look in the first scene all the way through to the spill your guts elevator scene with Charles at the end.
I like the way the writers are casting McGee in a much more 'mature' light now---think he deserves it after all these years!
My only complaint is having to wait 2 weeks before catching the sequel "Playing with Fire"!!?

House Review: The Game of Risk

Lisa,...glad you gave this ep a good review,...I thought it was good entertainment,...not House's best,...but unique and enough unpredictable in it to keep us thinking. And that's why everybody needs cool out and just appreciate House for the traits that created the huge ratings of the past,...soooo, just enjoy these last few episodes,...realizing that when the ride is over,...you'll probably miss this decadent, misfit of a genius,...unless you don't mind catching up with them on USA or CLOO.
Until then, sit back and enjoy the last ride on the House 'rollercoaster'!!


This sounds like something that Taub would quote about House,...not House devining this about himself!!?

Karina Lombard to Guest Star on NCIS

If 'Monique' is half as good as Franks was in interacting & making storyline with Gibbs, then she should add another excellent dimension to Ziva and NCIS....and probably play right into the hands of Tony who surely will be throwing out quips about Ziva's potential change of 'sexual preference'!!?

NCIS Round Table: "Need to Know"

I was totally with Eric relative to this episode,...the 'Buick' one-liner, Abbey as MVP, Curtis in the restaurant ending scene.
Having Jamie Lee appear to Gibbs after his 'discussion' with Bayar would have done two things:
1) added fuel to the fire of multiple agencies trailing the same suspect (gosh, how many times have we seen that over the NCIS years!?) &
2) thrown more 'tease' into the next appearance of JLC!?
Yep, Eric,...think we should have been consulted by the writers for this week's ending!!


Another snippit scene that humored me as much as any of them was the Dorneget/Gibbs elevator encounter. First, he's not sure if he should get on the elevator with only Gibbs; then he's reminded to push another button if he's not going to the squad room; and finally, Gibbs notices his zipper problem with "...the Buick's out of the garage!"....classic,...even though most of us in the Midwest use the farm analogy of '...horse getting out of the barn."
Overall, this ep wasn't even in my top 100 of the 200, but that's the beauty of the NCIS 'thing',...they can have an 'off week' and still entertain you. I was glad that I stayed with the NCIS/LA episode following...probably better than the 'big brother',...at least this week.
Yep,..I'll miss it the next two weeks,...and yes, Steve,...when is the Palmer wedding going to happen,...we've been 'teased' about it a long time.

Jamie Lee Curtis on NCIS: First Look

I agree with everyone about Jamie Lee,...have loved her sexy demeanor since....forever! And then to throw her into some involvement with Harmon...sounds GREAT!! I think it will do some good to get off some of the Tony/Ziva intertwinings and throw Gibbs back into the 'romance spotlight'!!
Oh, speaking of romance,...Steve M.,...have you heard when the action will be turning back to Palmer & his future bride?

NCIS Round Table: "Life Before His Eyes"

I agree with Eric and others that this had such a huge scale of characters & that more of them needed to be 'active',..so this concept really needed 2 hours.
Butttt, I did like Mike F. being the 'host' of the show (still miss Muse Watson, he was the best of all the 'non-regulars'),...how nice was the scene of Mike flicking the bullet away from Jethro in that first scene!! On the other side, having Gibbs' mom with such a large role,...why?...we'd never seen her before,...her time took away from people like Jenny and Ducky,...who had known Gibbs much longer than any of the rest of the team. Don't get me wrong,...Mom's messege was poignant but needed 'abbreviation' in the hour-long format.
All-in-all though, 'Life....' was an entertaining concept that keeps fans like me believing that an episode 300 can still be considered very realistic!