I'm kinda' guessing that the shooter of the hooded stranger will be the ghosts of either Director Shepard or Mike Franks---kind of a flashback to Season 5's 'Judgement Day' episodes. It would be fun to see some of Lauren Holly and/or Muse Watson again,...I know alot of us really hated to see NCIS lose the Mike Franks character.

NCIS Review: Cherish Each Other

An absolute classic episode of writing/production for us fans!!
What an interesting web was woven between solving the murder case and the Ziva/CIRay relationship. Having Ziva recognizing the phone # that (with Abby's help) tipped her off as to Ray's involvement,...it was just genius!! Then there was the quiet side of Gibbs' strength in leadership...just illustrated so well.
And finally, the emotional string in the finale with Burris' little advice to Ziva & Tony...just about the time fans were getting worried about their relationship getting compromised, the writers put another spin on it--just so well done....keep it up!!

NCIS Promo: Will Ziva Get Engaged?!

Well,...these comments are post-watching of 'A Desparate Man',so here goes:
First, I can't help but think that the NCIS writers/producers have done it again,...this episode was obviously taped way before any of (the majority of) us NCIS fans showed disdain for Ray and/or his relationship with Ziva, but they were right on with this ending (sorry veronica & Alicia)!!
Finally, Nancy J...you were spot on about Ray, but, c'mon, think about what else you wrote---you hate shows that keep you guessing, yet you've never missed an NCIS episode?...the guessing is what keeps us all coming back and even though most episodes have climax/finality,...there is still some intertwining of relationships/circumstances/cases that have been the hallmark of NCIS for nearly 200 episodes,...and why so many millions of us watch and why advertisers have paid billions (yes,...that's with a 'b') of dollars marketing on NCIS over the years!!

Scott Wolf Returning to NCIS January 3

I agree w/ gigi and Ttrost about Mike Franks character---I know that he'll be back in 'ghost form',...but it will still be great to see him make some input into the investigative processes and Gibbs past.
Oh,...and CIRay,...yea, they better not let him get too close to Ziva,...anything that declines the banter between Tony and her will be long-term detrimental to the whole show.

NCIS Review: Gibbs Delivers!

No one has mentioned one of my favorite bits of humor: in the clothing store when Gibbs and Ziva catch up with Emma, she questions Jethro about being a marine and he gives her the "how do you think I got this haircut?"...if you don't remember it, check the replay,...classic Gibbs!!

Gibbs' Ex-Wife on NCIS: First Look!

One of the few TV series that can get me to laugh out loud and, minutes later, bring me to emotional tears in the same episode!! I can see how each week it develops millions in ad revenue. 'Triangle' has the makings of an NCIS classic!!!....looking forward to next Tuesday.