god, this show needs a breathe of fresh air... if you would've told me what the storylines of this episode were before yesterday, I think I could've written the script word for word... lazy, unfunny, lazy, racist, uninspired, and LAZY! i am this close to washing my hands of this show... this close... solid performances from colbie and NPH save the day once again from being a steaming pile of you-know-what...


Does anyone else find the Henry/David moments as grossly cheese as I do? I really want them to stop. "We Are Both" has some really great moments for the two of them, and present day Storybrooke in general has been far superior to present day Enchanted Forest, but we got to get something going with Henry because he's just annoying filler right now.
That being said, mad props to the writers for his episode. Weaving to different mythologies together was enough to may be geeking out all over this episode, especially since I recently read Frankenstein. The identity of Dr. Whale has been bugging me since Season 1 and I think he got a pretty good storyline. Now, we just to figure out where the heck August is.
Final note: Didn't Rumple say that Jefferson's hat could only travel to magical realms? How did Victor get to the Enchanted Forest? Is his science considered our world's "magic?" Something to think about...
Until next week... (8.5/10)


I see where you are coming from but, although this entire season is full of pretty sloppy writing, i think it is important to look at each episode as a stepping stone to the conclusion of the story. Naturally, we need Marshall and Lily back with the group before we can move on. The writers chose an admittedly odd way to bring about their return to the MacLaren's crew, but the jokes were solid before they started bashing us over the head with them. Also, where is the hatred for Victoria coming from? We have barely seen enough of her to hate. Speaking of which, the show is wasting a lot of potential like the Ted/Victoria and Robin/Nick relationships on shticky gags that never pan out. Robin has been the most solid character this season so far and has barely had a storyline to herself. Writers, let's change this. (5.5/10)

Castle Review: Shhh! Someone Knows

Knowing Castle, that handshake is gonna become a "thing" now. I agree with the review above, but i think, and im sure a lot of castle fans will agree with me, this episode was much better than 4.1/5. Sure the story wasn't especially tight (that's something i give Castle a lot of grief for sometimes) and happy Gates was unnerving, but the great moments between Castle and Beckett, Castle and Alexis, and Castle and Martha hit all the right marks. Not cheap or sappy, not one of them. That's an accomplishment for Castle. As always, excited for next week... (8.9/10)


You know, 4,5/5 is a smidge generous considering the complete and utter lack of originality in storylines here.
1)Ted and Robin jealously feuding over the quality of each others relationships (Wait For It)
2)Barney reverting to his old ways after a break up (The Playbook)
3)Marshall reverting to childhood (every episode)
4)Lily's daddy issues (Slapsgiving 2)
Hey writers, been there done that.... However, all that considered, the episode was still executed very well and acted very well. I really would have liked more tangible resolution on all the storylines and most of this episode was pretty predictable. Still a decent episode in a very bland beginning of a season (7/10)

Bones Review: Eye of the Tiger

@Priscila As a matter of fact, I, as a fan of Bones, have been extremely disappointed with Bones over Season 6, 7, and 8. Each getting progressively worse. While I actually didn't mind this episode as much as Miranda, I am thanking all that is good in this world for the break-up of Sweets and Daisy. Sweets is my favorite Bones character and Daisy is my least. It was downright painful to watch the two them together for 3 or 4 years. I am begging Hart Hanson or anyone else in the loop with Bones to look at Seasons 1-5 again. That is the show I am showing up for every week and each season I see less and less of it. Please make this stop....

White Collar Midseason Report Card: A-

A little too lenient on the grading... B- in my books The writing of the episodes this season are getting a little lazy, especially when compared to the fantastic second half of season 3. While I agree that Identity Crisis was one of the better episodes of the season so far, the beginning of the episode was so bogged down my exposition and pointless dialogue that I almost turned off the TV. Most of the main conflict has just been retreading the trust issues between Peter and Neal from Season 3. The whole season, I have the feeling that we had seen or done it all before. Season 4 needs its own identity, so hopefully the revelation of Neal's dad will be a launchpad for Season 4.5. The best episode in my books was Wanted. A breathe of fresh air with a new location, excellent new characters, while still balancing the two-faced personality of Neal within a new context. Personally, I wished they had dragged out the island storyline further.


Well, i wish i could say I didn't see the twist coming, but I did... like five episodes ago... Oh, well... Meanwhile, I really liked the five way formula and it worked surprisingly well for this episode... More episodes that play around with the traditional W13 formula like Personal Effects are great to watch cause everything has been so cut and dry this season... Take some risks for the life of this show! Other than that... Fingers crossed for season 4.5... (8/10)

Bones Review: You Slept Under a Bridge?

A predictable but necessary episode... The scenes between Bones and Booth were very well written and acted and all the tension has well played and well resolved... Everything else, however, seemed to cut and dry and perfect... Everything fell into place in the case with hardly a hiccup... Glad to see Finn back in the lab... He was my favorite squint intern last season and still upholds the title (although Clark did have a nice run last week)... Also, my man Sweets was perfectly on point this week... Its always great to know that he's gonna be solid every episode... (7/10)

Castle Season Premiere Review: Not a Dream

Defiantly the most anticipated premiere in my book and not a lot to complain about... Let's be honest, there were somethings that simply had to be there... Ironing the last of the bugs from the finale was the main focus, but very handily done sirs, I applaud you... Now we can let the awkward post-hookup moments lose upon the Castle world... It's gonna be a good season y'all! 8.5/10