1) It might just be my inner fan-girl making a jump, but I very much enjoyed Bonnie confronting Elena about her pseudo-relationship with Damon. It’s nice to see those two remaining somewhat normal and being able to talk about boys on road trips. Plus, Damon’s “We kissed, now it’s weird.�? Classic. 2)Weirdly, yes. Kudos to the writers on actually making us feel that way about a character, that has shown his unmasked evil side to us countless of times over the last few weeks now. He can slaughter as many innocent party-twister-girls he wants, when the love of his life kissed the brother HE saved, that vampire was sad… 3)Obviously Alaric telling that doctor about his ring, which came completely out of the nowhere. Even after Damon warning him about her being a potential psychopath, he didn’t hesitate even one second to tell her his biggest career secret? That doctor cures people with vampire blood! She’ll steal your ring in no time, Ric, just you watch.


4)Have to go with Elijah here. We all knew that Stefan had lingering thoughts about his human-esque life in Mystic Falls and Bill Forbes wasn’t my favorite character when he tortured poor Caroline.
Elijah on the other hand... 5) “Better� as in: Not yet murdered people for fun? Why yes.
But didn’t she just bury her old high-school-self? She’s crossing over to the dark side. Fast. 6) Random. Of course you guys would go with the latter… Where did all the female reviewers go?

Grey's Anatomy Music From "Suddenly"

Loved their choice of music this episode. The music was as heart-breaking as Teddy's reaction and Snow Patrol fit perfectly with welcoming Zola back.


Sort of intrigued by Chuck's re-invented possessiveness. I mean "I only want you to be happy. ... With me."? Loved that line.
Chuck and Blair are end game. But teasing their relationship like that sort of brings them closer together, don't you think?
Without the Louis-drama, we would still be looking at self-destructive-I-almost-hit-the-love-of-my-life-Basshole and we wouldn't want that... Max and Serena are sort of sweet together. I always imagined her being with a "commoner" (see Aaron, Ben), rather than a typical UESider. Blair? Just hilarious.

Dark Was the Night

TVFanatic doesn't offer streaming episodes outside of the US. If you want to watch the episode though and don't mind foreign subtitles, check this site:


Killing Henry and then making Cristina find out about his identity afterwards would be simply cruel. Not only would he be dead... both Cristina and Teddy would be thrown into another dark dark place. And I think we've all seen enough of PTSD from our cardio surgeons.
Honestly doubt that Henry will just... die. This storyline (check Denny Duquette) is used and redundant. I'd rather have him handsome and alive and going to med school.
Helloo, study buddy with your wife? Flashcards?? Cristina crying at the end of the promo does have me worried though... the only people she could be crying about would be Mer, EvilSpawn or... Henry. I wouldn want either of those three asystole. Really. This is killing me. On another note, doesn't anybody miss a few of those typical Grey's-characters, who used to be around all the time? I mean, what about Patricia? Season 2, ex-nurse and the chief's assistant? Or Sydney? (OMG... Sydney...)
I mean, to tell the truth, I haven't thought about those in... forever, but they were always a fun addition. The cast is much too big as it is now and too big for reappearances, but those recurring characters sometimes really made my day.

Gossip Girl 'I Am Number Nine' Promo

Great to see some "Queen B"-action again.
Blair's interactions with her minions are always hilarious and she simply excels at dictatorship. No matter which kind. And Dorota as the right hand makes me crack up everytime.

Grey's Anatomy Round Table: "Poker Face"

1) Has to be Callie telling Mark off. I agree with her, he needs to get laid again, although I do like a man, who can cook… But for that, we still have Sloan’s number one apprentice Avery. Also loved the way Callie was slowly losing her mind over her lost orgasm… All I could think of, when she was talking to Cristina was: Callie, drifting! 2)I couldn’t and wouldn’t cut anyone. Simple as that. With a cast that large, yes, screening time for several characters has to be limited, but it leaves room for development. I remember myself getting tired and bored over the same people sleeping with the same people at all times. “Oh, no you didn’t. You slept with your best friend’s husband?� Happened too often, didn’t like it and don’t want to see it on Grey’s. Everyone has their little domain and I like that. 3)Although I liked Tyler and his family issues, the butterfly tumor was just more touching. It felt good to see Derek do what he does best (besides kissing his wife in the hospital) and the heart-felt reaction of the husband simply got me. 4)I doubt they can avoid their problems forever. The only reason why the writers would put in such sexual tension/avoidance into the show is to make it blow up at some point. Sorry Cristina, but at some point, you just gotta talk about it… No matter whether or not you can stand on your head. 5) Definitely Jackson. I love Sloan and Arizona together, their “bromance� gave me some good laughs this week and who doesn’t want a good Coq Au Vin and a Pinot from Napa??
We had a very Jackson-focused story-line last week so it’s good that we get to see some Calzona + Baby Daddy again. Feel free to comment my reviews.


If the writers are starting to bring back Anna to Jeremy's mind, teasing a new relationship for the left-out Bonnie seems very likely. It's nice to hear Matty get some action again, especially after his character has become more or less... superfluous. Not to the customers at the grill, obviously. No matter what you say (how much you're against Delena, how much you loved Stelena), the twist in the story is an interesting one.
Looking forward to any kind of development on the Damon-Elena-Stefan triangle. As for Alaric... Poor him. First it's "Ric", now it's the Ripper himself... He just can't seem to find any peace, huh...?


Episode left me breathless. Good job, writers. Great to see some of the story lines unfold, seems like a few questions were finally answered.
Yes, Klaus is now able to create hybrids.
Michael is a Hampire. And he's dangerous.
And dear Katherine was a little more useful than we gave her credit for. So was Jeremy!
But honestly, was THAT ALL that was behind Anna's occasional visits to our world?? (Not that I complain...) If yes, I'm majorly disappointed. Jeremy's death/resurrection/seeing-ghosts-crack-phase would be nothing but a plot-device. Great to actually see some GOOD Delena happening.
Looks like little brother Stefan is really gone this time. But with him present (and not at the same time), things will probably move on a little with Damon and Elena. I get that she felt guilty for being attracted to the older Salvatore, while Stefan was out there risking his life for them. But since that is no longer the case...
I somehow enjoy the reversal of roles.
Non-human Stefan and human Damon make a great combination.
Guess Elena simply has to go for the good-hearted one then... A little puzzled over Tyler's reaction to his own transformation.
"Everything's just better."??? He had just turned into a werewolf-vampire-hybrid. And he was happy! He was euphoric even. It was downright creepy. I like the before-mentioned theory, that Michael might be the Original father. It would make sense, too, that he would therefore hunt Klaus, as he is not his own child but resulted out of an affair. It would be slightly odd though, that he would also hunt his beloved daughter Rebekah then.
We'll just see.