The Big Bang Theory Review: More Of The Same

Unfunny and boring.

Elementary Review: A Worthy Remake?

Good pilot. Interesting enough to keep watching. I'm not a fan of Liu's though.

Last Resort Review: Just Crazy Enough

Best pilot I've seen this season.

The Borgias Review: Sure, I Like Dags

Lucrezia as papal regent is the best. I like the storyline of Cesare and Rodrigo growing apart.

Vegas Review: You Don't Look Like the Law

Overacting by Quaid. If it's overly procedural, I doubt I'll continue watching. I'll watch another episode. I want to see Sarah Jones' character anyway.

Alphas Review: One Final Stand

"I'm busy" "What are you doing Gary?" "I'm saving the world Bill"
"Gary, it's not the time you eat your pudding" "I can eat my pudding whenever I want. It's my pudding"
"Haha, that's gross Bill"
It was obvious that Dani was going to die (by suicide, murder, etc). Cam dieing would too would have been more original/exciting.
Parrish is finally Magneto-like (in his megalomania but not in stature)
Agnes is cool.

Revolution Review: Patching Up the Plot

Dreckful. I want to punch Not-Katniss in the face.


he should have met her by last season and this season wrap things up.


The evil the astrolabe creates makes one use it again in reverse or go insane from indecision! I'd have thought realizing he'd had a psychotic break might have helped Artie slow down his degeneration. The Myka, Pete, Claudia stories could have been shorter. I love all your Other Thoughts.

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