The only thing that bothered me about "Lola" was her choice in shoes. As someone who's worked as a server and for catering events, there's NO way in hell you'd wear a pair of heels like hers to any job. Seriously, what was wardrobe thinking?

The dowry excuse wasn't a big deal to me - I like how it came between C and B. The theme of Chuck treating Blair like property has been a consistent one over the years, so it was appropriate for B to not want C to "buy" her out the mess with Louis. I had a harder time with the pact from God from the week before - though I would have liked that plot device better if it had stemmed from the loss of her child combined with the almost-demise of Chuck. More of a multiple trauma induced anxiety kinda thing, y'know? Anyway, the dowry clause is obviously an outdated yet traditional practice, and I could easily see Louis and his Mama gleefully dusting it off to get what they want from Blair.

Can't wait for more lovely Dair BFFing next week! ^_^


Loved all of them, but #3 got my vote (though I would also have liked to vote for #5 - great song, and it had that fantastic "Inside" kiss! *swoon*).

Great job, vidders! :)


I am *so* excited for this EPIC episode! Definitely going to have an elegant GG viewer party that night to mirror the wedding - complete with prosecco and sparkly, wedding-appropriate headbands, lol! ^_^

As for B's kissing buddy - I'm hoping it's Chuck, just so she can slap closed their fairytale door for good. After re-watching all of last season this past week, and seeing how damaged and unhealthy their relationship truly is, I'm firmly on Team Dair.


Well, Georgina doesn't exactly know the *extent* of Ivy's secrets - she just knows that she wasn't on anti-depressants and that the suicide attempt was bogus. She does not make any mention of knowing that Charlie isn't Serena's cousin or that she's an actress, etc.

Regardless, I'm excited to see G return! She looked *stunning* in last season's finale, and she never fails to add a bit of spice to the show.


Don't know why various shippers are getting their panties in a twist - this vid contest is for fun! And there will be more contests so every ship gets its time in the spotlight.

Honestly - I like Chair AND Dair. May the best man win! ;)


The Therapist Coincidence - I think the only reason why Louis contacted Eliza is because he read about her and Chuck on Gossip Girl. When Blair enters her bedroom at the end of the episode, Louis has the blast about Chuck and Eliza open right in front of him.

Diana - I wouldn't be surprised if she's Chuck's mom. True, Elizabeth was hanging on to the necklace, but who knows why? Maybe wishing for things that never came to pass, maybe feeling regretful over other aspects of her life, maybe as a memento of her brief love affair with Jack - we don't know yet, and because of that, we can't be 100% that she's Chuck's mom. Diana could be a lot of other things, too, and I'm eager to find out which role is hers!

Bart's File - I don't think Bart kept a file on himself. Perhaps Lily arranged it for personal reasons, but my bet is that Chuck compiled it last season when he was searching for clues about his father's business dealings and past. We know he still works with the PI, Andrew Tyler, so it's not that big a stretch to assume Chuck asked him for information. Keeping it in the family safe would make sense to him, I imagine.

As for the rest of the episode - loved it. I've been loving this whole season so far! Just when things start to feel disjointed or over-the-top or whatever, we're slapped with another juicy plot twist. I'm a fan of both Chair and Dair (though definitely crushing harder on the Dair side - they feel so fated!!), and I even like Louis. He's cute and obviously cares so much for B - if only he'd come along sooner. I'm intrigued at the thought of him getting his scheme on, and I really can't wait to see how therapy works for Chuck!

Definitely excited for the coming weeks. :D


I have this terrible feeling that Chuck's going to say ILY, but then tells B he can't be with her - or maybe vice versa! - because of whatever the GG blast reveals.

That way, Chair fans will still "be rewarded for their patience" as various spoilerish news promised, but it will come with a twisty, dark price.

Cue next season's angsty heartache!


I definitely agree - re: the GG blast having something to do with B and C (though it's likely about all of them to some degree or another, judging by the chaos that's supposed to ensue). When J tells B about her "gossip being too juicy to wait", the edit flashes to Chuck. When Blair is yelling at Serena, Chuck isn't just walking away, he's *stalking* away, as in pissed or upset. Something obviously goes down badly between them, which leads Blair to her final "tell me you love me" plea.

Perhaps J spills the beans about Chuck and Vanessa?

Perhaps someone finally has details about what went down between Blair and Uncle Jack on NYE?!

Could the Carter/Serena secret also be exposed?

Either way, I'm all about this upcoming Sunday!



THANK you, Maya - that's pretty much exactly what I was going to say. This has nothing to do with "stupid writers" or "making the fans happy with a rushed break-up" - this was PLANNED and EXECUTED perfectly. Blair needed something comforting and familiar after her future was thrown into WTF-land, and Nate fit the bill perfectly. She probably would have preferred Chuck, but he was obviously too busy trying to woo Elle (in an effort to forget Blair, stay out of her life, and thereby spare her any further pain, imo).

She still LOVES Chuck, obviously, so to continue with Nate would have been wrong - good for you for realizing that, B! As she so eloquently puts it: Nate was her highshool love, and highschool is over. For me, this was exactly the kind of gentle, bittersweet B/N closure I was looking for.

The only part of the VG storyline I liked was RYAN HANSEN! He was hilarious, as usual. Too bad Josh n' Steph couldn't have added him to the current cast - I think he's totally wasted in the (possible) spin-off.


MissGossip - iirc, the "Valley Girls" episode is the one detailing Lily's backstory.