Blair, Chuck and Serena

Serena is gorgeous!!!! and chuck is just so chuck :) He can pull off anything; pink bowtie!!

Gossip Girl Spoilers: Derena Done For Good?

Derena can't be done!! They are like, something you can to look to for an anchor because they are always there!!! I was such a big fan of them!
and speaking of OMFG moments, imagine serena's new 'boy-toy' turning out to be her half-brother!!!!

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 37

Blair: Oh gross, Derena PDA
Yuki: (thinks to herself) I think they look cute together
Blair: And don't you dare say they look cute together.

Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr Photo

They are sooo cute together!!!

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 33

Chuck: May I help you?
Blair: Untangle yourself from those whores and get ahold of yourself!
Chuck: Hmm..what's in it for me?
Chuck: Been there, done that, not enough entertainment.

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 30

S: (thinking) Where's Dan and that little prick Lexi? She
better not touch him or I'll kill her. Wait why am I
thinking of Dan?
A: You ok? What are you thinking about?
(thinking) Ugh, probably about stupid Dan again. He is
better looking than me...I need to step up my game!
S: Oh I'm just thinking about what a wonderful time I'm
having with you
(thinking) Dan.... *sigh* :)

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 26

V:, no, no, NO!!! Nate is MINE!!!
Gossip Girl: Better watch your back Little J, looks like V is getting ready to fight for her man. Wonder who will end up on top?

Round Table: "The Magnificent Archibalds"

1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote from the episode? Dan when he was talking to Aaron "Are we talking about the same girl? Long flowing hair?" it made me laugh, and happy that serena didn't trust him enough to tell him about her past 2. How sketchy is Aaron Rose? SO sketchy he should far far away!! I mean come on!! he can't pull off the man bangs like nate and he's no where near as sweet as dan. when will serena see what a lame-o he is!!! 3. Least realistic run-in: Vanessa and Nate outside the gallery, Blair and Jenny on the street, or Serena and that outfit (on a family holiday)? Blair and Jenny, The only other times they ran into each other was when jenny was interning with elenore and even then it wasn't that often. randomly on the street? really? 4. Most poignant Thanksgiving moment: Jenny returning home and tearing up the papers, Blair reuniting with her dad, or Eric and Lily bonding at the diner? Lily and eric def. it was like last seasons thanksgiving when they bonded like a family. 5. What did Nate's letter to Jenny say? I don't want to know. As much as i don't like V, she is better for nate than some 15 little punk

Rose, Aaron

go away aaron!! NO ONE WANTS YOU!!!

Round Table: "Bonfire of the Vanity"

and CARA, i agree with you 100%. we have the same thoughts + my name is cara too :P