90210 Spoilers: Who is Coupling Up?

ok... so who DIDN'T see this coming? they made it pretty obvious in the first episode of this season! idk how i feel about Addixon... they seem cute and all but i was always an Adrianna+Navid shipper. then again after Navid's cheating ways last season i will have to agree with @Dexter Idolizer, Karma's a BITCH! =D

Gossip Girl Promo: Dan Drops the G-Bomb!

lol next week sounds like gg will be classic!!! I dont ever remeber seeing an episode promo that seemed like so much pure fun!

Glee Review: A Non-Asian F

I liked this episode but i have to admit that I ended up hating Artie, Emma and Beiste for their splitting the Maria role into 2.
they were showing how well Mercedes did in her call backs which is why they showed her doing the best parts of the song! Why else would Rachel willingly say that Mercedes was better? She would never say that in a million years especially if Mercedes wasn't better!!
@Matt Richenthal
Will DEFINITELY favors Rachel over Mercedes! He's never once let her be the lead of a solo for sectionals or anything when Mercedes has the most soul in her voice!
I do hate how they always make Rachel the highlight, Mercedes is just as good if not better! This isn't "The Rachel Show" it's "Glee"!

Gossip Girl Sneak Peek: Diana is Insane!

His mind is in his crotch!

90210 Review: To the Max!

I hate Austin, I love Max... Why does Austin exist? Hopefully they just use him for some Naomi character growth and throw him away so she ends up with Max! :)


I LOVE the idea of a prequel!! How cool would it be if the 99th episode was when Diane was about to reveal who gg is and it ends before gg is revealed and then the 100th is about the first ever gossip girl blast. I would love to see that.


I hope Jenny, Eric and (dare I say it) Vanessa returns for the 100th episode. It only seems right that every character that was once a series regular or an important part of the show returns for the big 100!! Also it should be a two parter like last season's finale

Grant Gustin to Play New Villain on Glee

WTF happened to Karofsky (idk how to spell his name) I always thought that he would be the one to start the love triangle between them!

What Does Naomi Purchase on 90210?

I'm seeing a "house bunny" moment coming up..


if Blair is pregnant and having the baby.... does this mean that this is the last season of GG?? =(