Let Avery and April go, they were only the replacements for Izzie and George.
A long, long summer is comming. ;-)


I don't like Mer in ortho, she is too feminine to do it. Callie is fit for it, she can easily crack a shoulder or a hip, but Meredith, not so much. They still can be good friends though.


The episode focused on special relationships between interns and attendants, between the older and the younger doctors, but I also found two interesting easter-eggs.
First hint: the shrink says to the Hunt family that their time is up.
Another important hint: the notes Alex is using belong to Izzie, "the smart one, the only smart one". I suppose Shonda is preparing her comeback by making her more present in dialogues.
I enjoyed the bonding between Amelia and Lexie, both impulsive, they throw things when pissed off (that's what Lexie did with Mark's new girlfriend at the softball game)and it took both their enthusiasm to convince Derek. Amelia is a drug addicted, like Lexie in the other reality from What/If. They are quite similar, and might become the new twisted sisters-in-law.
Interesting moment with Callie talking about Snow White Meredith with the mirror spirit Webber (i.e. creator of a magic web or The Puppet Master who control all the strings)


Excellent show !
Sean, Lily is NOT the only woman who's not a prostitute. You forgot the preacher's daughter, Joseph's new girlfriend.

The Good Wife Review: They Got Served

About Carry's help, I dont't think he became a good boy over night, I'm shure it was Peter's touch. The SA is after Will, he wouldn't hurt Alicia directly.
I'm not happy about Alicia going deeper into the legal mud, she was for me an example of honesty and verticality and I can't guess what the writers are trying to tell us making her like the others, making mistakes, playing dirty, eventually lying. In court, any witness has to speak the truth, the WHOLE truth and nothing but the truth. Lying by omission is still considered lying. It's good she got to see the happy family and what equity partner really means, before becoming someone like them.
Am I the only one who did NOT like that episode ?


I'm happy about that Whatif episode because we can see what real transformations occured in the actual linestory in both Derek and Meredith after being together, transformatons that will lack in the alternate reality. Sometimes we have to see with our own eyes, by comparison, how important are some unnoticed details or facts we consider unimportant in our past, how much they changed us and therefore we too easily forget them.
Some say that, when we die, we see our whole life, all the mistakes we made and only then we understand. With this experimental episode, we can better understand our beloved characters, we can see what was (or still is) important in their lives in Seattle Grace. Let's watch it like a dream ! Even if, for some, it might be a nightmare, don't forget it's only an episode. After it, we all shall wake up and continue with our known lives as they were before.
Nicholas Cage had that same opportunity in The Family Man (2000)

The Good Wife Round Table: "What Went Wrong"

It made me think about the degradation of friendship and why that word lost its meaning. After Peter's scandal, Alicia lost all her so-called friends, now it's the turn for Will to be left alone, all of his basketball-pals were scattered by Wendy. In the last episode, Kalinda proved herself to be Alicia's only and also her best friend, she acted indeed when her help was needed. And that's the old definition for a true friend. The modern Facebook friendship means to click the Like button, even if you have never met that person. Maybe in real life you wouldn't even really like that person, all you like about her is her avatar, her Internet personality, but you're "friends". As if you have plenty of Facebook friends, you are worth more than those without a facebook account. So I'm asking myself What went wrong with the true friendship ?

The Good Wife Preview, Poll: What Went Wrong?

I don't really like Will. Let's examine some aspects of his behaviour in this episode.
1. In the conversation with Kalinda, he admits that he doesn't know what he really wants and he doesn't know what Alicia wants, it didn't occur to him to ask her. Selfish, weak and undecided.
2. Also, he asked Kalinda earlier if breaking up with Alicia would calm down Peter. So it was also his intention to break up, but Alicia was faster.
3. I didn't like him blackmailing Eli to dig for him the intentions of Peter, in exchange for the help with his clients. Do ut des, the motto for the selfish. Compare that attitude with the way Kalinda helped finding Grace, in a perfect altruistic way. As the wise men say, "help before asked and dissapear before getting rewarded"
4. And finally he lied Diane that he was the one that broke up with Alicia: "Yep! She Will"
Celeste was right about him in a previous episode: "don't move ! that's Will's MO" And he actually he did nothing in the Grace crisis, he was an outsider, a total stranger.
I think Alicia deserves better.

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