Fox Fall Premiere Dates: Revealed!

Just figured! No more family hour for Glee. That makes me happy, we could see more brutal Sue, more Klaine, just... Everything better :D

The Glee Project Review: Take A Bow

Nikki is mean. Like, I don´t mean particulary this Abraham thing, but the whole season. She is mean, mean, mean.
But Abraham suprised me a lot. He was like really moving. I don´t cry too much, but he got me. And a sensitive straight men (raised by two moms, if recall corectly) is something we´ve never seen. I´m starting to like him a lot. But I still miss Charlie. His energy was of chards.
I´ve never liked Lily. I can relate to her story very much, but I just can´t stand the girl.
But, and it pains me to say this, Nellie had it coming. She was never possitive and... At a certain point, you have to be. Glee is still comedy. Sunshine for our lives. Just rewatch the whole season - she never said anything purely possitive. Not once.
Blake suprides. He really is a good actor. And... He didn´t play it so much straighter as... Not so obvousily gay. You know, the go to diva. He did it subtle, but very believible. Loved it.

Awkward Review: The Signs of Sabotage

Wallflowers are the coolest! C´mon! But Matty was never that, not by a long shot. (but than again, whatever. I know... but Charlie messed me up in that way)
I thought this episode was great! Tottaly full 5 stars material. And can´t wait for more asian mafia!!


Jared, just because I hate Stefan... Yeah, bring on the hate! :D

CBS Releases Fall Premiere Dates

I hope they do the Mentalist justice. And HIMYM can´t end yet! I mean, c´mon! No more Barney Stinson? The world just ain´t ready for that. I still don´t get one thing though - since it´s such a sucess, why not just end it so it isn´t so dragged out and have them follow with something like "After I met your mother"... I wanna see Ted get married, have kids and drive them to socker. And just how long can Barney stay married? And hiw many kids have Marshall and Lily? It soudn´t have to end.

Jane By Design Review: Game Playing

They can have all, but they sould have it click more naturaly... It did seem a bit forced.
Anyway, I have a feeling Kate is here just to break hearts and bring the drama the show seems to lack. It can´t be all fun all the time! I anything, I´m kinda thinking the show could be more clever than to end each episode in "they hugged and all was well"
And we can see that there is just too many characters anyway. And if this is it for Jeremy, I´m kinda dissapointed. there was so much more to play through... Mentor, forbidden love-affair, traitor, redeeemed... ect.