Ugh. Poor Gail. She is one of my favorite characters. I mean, Gail was mean to Chloe but she was mean to McNally and Nash season 1. Chloe expects people to be nice and friendly at first sight and that's just not everyone's style. And I love NIck and Gail. And I love Gail and Andy's friendship. And I love Andy and Nick's friendship. And now I'm just sad. Oh and poor Chris. Trying to do the right thing. Denise was his high school sweetheart, but I guess things change. I love Oliver trying to stick up for him though. Um I liked Dov trying to bond with Marlo. Marlo isn't that bad. It's just that she is dating Sam. Oh well. I also liked the cases this week.

Hawaii Five-0 Review: Talk Derby to Me

Hmm I'm conflicted. I love Cath and Steve, but really, randomly sticking Cath in a roller derby? I mean it is so random. But oh well, H50 is pretty random. I still wish we could see Chin and Kono more often. Which leads me to Doris. I'm still tired of Doris, like her "get over it" with the trust issues and then more lies etc. I get that it is suppose to be an arch and everything, but I'd rather replace Doris with more Chin and Kono scenes. The case was okay, but I liked how it was light and fun and everything. I loved the team-centric part trying to get Catherine to roller derby undercover. Everyone was there and we learned that Cath was a figure skater and Danny's mom likes roller derbies.


I'm still upset that Theresa died. I feel so so so bad for Dan. And then I suspected Thayer had something to do with something, but I didn't think it was this. Do you guys know when the season 2 resumes?


Gosh I loved this episode. I liked the whole Stefan storyline. Both with its parallels to Nikita protecting Alex and Ari giving up his son like Michael. And not in an extremely up in your face way. And Krieg was really awesome in general. German super spy badass with stress apps on his phone. I love Owen but it was awesome seeing Michael punch him. And the make a fist comment was awesome. Go Michael xP.

The Lying Game Review: The Lying Gang

Aw, I'm really sad that Theresa died. Her and Dan were the best adults. I feel like everyone in the world knows the story about the twins now. Ted, Jordan, Mads, Alec, Laurel, Rebecca, Dan, Thayer, Ethan, Emma, Sutton etc. I think the only person left is Kristen. RIP Theresa.


I thought it was kind of sad that Claire was so desperately trying to get to know Haley that she left behind Alex. Phil has Luke and Claire has Haley. Haha maybe it's the middle child in me. Oh well, at least Alex is pretty okay with the lack of attention. I love Sal & Lily at the end though. And I liked Sal's vow. And Tony's too.

Brighton Sharbino to Play Young Abby on NCIS

Just watched the episode this girl was amazing.

Parenthood Review: Tragic Circumstances

Oh gosh, I feel bad for Victor. Of course his actions were bad, especially calling the police, but this kid has had his whole entire life turned around. And he does remember and love his "real" mother, no matter how bad she was. The Grahams have changed his whole life and now they are taking away his "real" mother. If Julia just dropped the whole thing everything would work out faster. Joel is such an amazing person. He is like a saint.
I feel for Amy and Drew too. And I think they showed the teenage dad's version on the pregnancy & abortion well. They never do that on TV, so it was nice.
I also feel bad for Crosby. My house is three generations and all that but it is culture and I'm used to it. But Renee was just controlling and annoying. If she had a job offer, she should of taken it.
Adam/Kristina were fun this week. What happened to Hattie though? When she skypes home, isn't she going to notice her mom's cancer now that she doesn't have hair?

Chicago Fire Review: Thanksgiving Interrupted

Aww I liked this episode. Okay I wonder when Severide is going to reach his limit. I thought it would be this week, but I guess not. And then I wonder what's Shay's limit. Speaking of Shay, I love the actress that plays Clarice, Shiri Appleby, but I don't know about Charice. And with the other couplish people I liked Halle and Casey together, so I hope they don't sink that ship. Half of it is because I think they are cute together, half because I just don't like Dawson pining over Casey. The fires are cool too, but I agree that the firefighters are better. I loved Peter Mills making the firehouse's best Thanksgiving Dinner ever. And his sister coming to help was nice. Herman's family waiting was also awesome. Then Mouch's nickname and the drug guy taking over his spot. And then Otis/Brian's podcast was funny and then nice at the end of it.

Rookie Blue Review: Breaking Up the Band

Whoever wrote the part where Nick and Andy get to be on a secret task force kinda sucks at being realistic. I get they need someone at 15 Division, but really a really new rookie & previously suspended rookie? And the suspension was for breaking someone's cover?
Besides. I love Gail and Nick together. Andy and Nick are just friends. Gail and Sam are just friends too.
And I like Luke. Not dating anyone on the show right now though. But I like the thing he said to Traci. I don't think the task force thing is his fault. And hot. And then Chris moving makes me sad. Hopefully he won't. Hopefully he didn't tell Dov because he really isn't going to do this. And I hope Oliver gets back with Zoe. However this week it was fun to watch him. And the Andy & Mom thing sucks. I don't like that. It sounds fake too. Andy is too careful to let her mom in so fast.

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