Royal Pains Review: Your Own Path

Ok, pardon my stupidity, but did I sleep thru Jill suddenly getting a new job in Africa???! Thought last week she was stuck in the Hamptons, jobless and houseless.....huh? And I adore this series but ENOUGH OF THE SIBLING RIVALRY! And now, we have to call in Dad? Sorry, spoiler alert belated....

Bunheads Review: From Vegas to Paradise

Wow! That is my main comment about "bunheads" as when I heard it was GG's magician ms Palladino...couldn't wait. I think it is super, yes, I have been totally lacking Gilmore caffeine rapid dialog,and to see Kelly Bishop during the first five minutes told me this is a door to open with crossed fingers. SPOILER ALERT:
But, like "Fran" I too think Alan Ruck is a great male lead and bummed if his future is limited. Realize without him "fanny" and "michelle" will have to bond but he could give a good male spin on this ballet journey. All in all, I still want to watch despite "Hubbell" (honor the character Redford played in "the way we were"?) --here or there...Palladino is back...Gilmore or Flowers, the name may be different, but the talent remains the same!!!!

Army Wives Review: Mission Accomplished

Whew!! Still so peeved about the orphans found myself yelling "damnit there's enough room in four humvees!!". Again, goes to show more of the combat stress: both combatic and head trips our servicemen and women are dealing with. Too bad if Kim Delaney is fighting her own war...she is a champ pray she beats it! Know these orphans are gonna hang over our hearts for awhile....still dont know why they couldnt change the "mission" when faced with such potential inhumanity.

Army Wives Review: Fear of the Unknown

I have had crossed fingers on the show's future. This episode was fulfilling --I agree with Carissa: Roland is finally using his talents to help the kids on base; cannot imagine how rapid deployment can be easy to be "army strong" for. Too bad about Min gee as I felt her speech about being failure totally spelled suicide. Glad the great "role model" Jackie has feet of clay...sorry it is pills. All in all, truly hope Army Wives can continue as it serves as a reminder of how incredibly difficult being a service family member while loved ones are in dangerous locales. We forget way too fast...unless we see them in airports and cheer their arrival. Watching last night, I flashed back to WWII...with no technology, just telegrams and letters, how did our Moms and Grandmas keep it together? Kudos to their gutsy patriotism!