I think that the person in the coffin that won't open is the original petrova!!!!!!! That kiss was sooo hot!!!
What a great return episode! No one does it like TVD

Who is TV's Most Dynamic Duo?

Damon and Stef
Damon and Alaric
Stefan and Klaus
Dan and Chuck
Blair and Dorota

Gossip Girl Review: Behind the Masks ...

"There's no way Max could be mistaken for Nate, much like no one could mistake Serena for Charlie, or Juliet ... or Jenny for that matter." hah so true! oh season 4... although the canadian promo for next week looks pretty good!


when klaus compelled stefan to 'turn it off' he never told him that he couldnt turn it back on whenever he wanted to; just from that moment, stefan hasnt wanted to feel again. i think its more up to stefan now that he doesnt have to obey klaus to turn his humanity back on

Who is Your Favorite Teen Couple?

Blair and Chuck
Damon and Elena
Stefan and Elena
Caroline and Tyler


is it bad that evil, Angelus Stefan could be my new fav? Love all of his interactions with Elena like this, it brings out a completely new element for both actors...
"...Speaking of homecoming, who are you going to bring...?" priceless...
Hopefully we will see a lot of character growth from Elena, the more she bickers with the Rippah

The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 82

Klaus: Run, Forest, Run!

Who Are TV's Sexiest Sidekicks?

Alaric from the Vampire Diaries :)

The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 72

Isobel: Here lies dobby, a free elf. Elena: Elves? Seriously?

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 164

Serena: Wow, Voldemort gives awkward hugs.