The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 154


Gossip Girl Caption Contest 177

serena: Blair, will you marry me?
Blair: Serena! The shiny-haired UES slut Dan turned gay was Nate!
Serena: oh....

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 171

Blair: Seriously? Those are the finalists for "America's Next Queen Bee with Blair Waldorf"?

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 153

Dorota: miss blair, I don't think the blue dress will fit you anymore, you did buy it when you were five....


Nikita please!!!!!!!!! and I'm really hoping for OTH too but I'M pretty sure that's over for good...


does anyone remember one tree hill where you didnt know which girl lucas married and you saw dream sequences of him with each of them? I think that is going to be something similar. a) because i doubt that Chair would get married in only one episode, b) because we have seen multiple dream sequences of b already so it wouldn't be a total surprise and c) seriously guys, did chair ever loomthis deliriously happy without the tiniest of love/ hate or distrust?

Who is Getting a Baby on One Tree Hill?

brooke and julian duh! although i think that kind of sucks not because i think brooke doesnt deserve to be happy because she does but because its going to be so boring once everybody gets what they wished for! that may be nice in real life but not on TV!


Best Episode: The Return
Best Character: damon- duh!
Worst Character: Matt. the guy hasnt even had a storyline this season and jeremy is actually one of my favourite characters and while last season he might have been a bit useless brooding over his vampire girlfriends's deaths, being mad at elena and being overall depressed, he actually got his act together became an active part of the vd clique
Most impressive cast member: i know the obvious answer would be nina but am i the only one who isnt so impressed with her performance? she is great, sure, but playing two characters that are the complete opposite of each other isnt so hard, its all in the details which, in this case, arent that important since katherine and elena are so utterly different.so im gonna go with damon just because i love him so much!
Biggest surprise: i agree about caroline. i used to not care about her at all and found her whiny and spoiled but she has definitely surprised me as a vampire!
Best addition: although we havent seen much of her yet im really looking forward to more scenes with michaela mc manus's character
overall grade: A

One Tree Hill Review: A Sensational Storm

i loved the mid season finale but really guys? i havent seen one show where first aid is performed correctly. i mean its not rocket science or something or you need some big research for it its actually pretty basic! but have these people never heard of the fact that reanimation doesnt work when your elbows arent straight or that you have to perform respiration twice and than do the cardiac massage thirty times? or how unlogical was it that when julian carried brooke out of the water (although it was a great reminder of the epic oc season 3 finale)he was basically strolling? every ten seconds you waste the chances of the person coming back to life without any brain damage are sinking by ten percent!

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 134

jenny: so damien didnt hide the pills here....