I voted for Caskett, but Shamy (The Big Bang Theory) is a good name too,


Best episode: It's so hard to choose! There are so many of them!! I'd like to give an honorable mention to "'Til Death", but my absolute favorite was "Prisoner's Dilemma". It was fast-paced, with a lot of action and suspense. It passed my absolute toughest quality test: I thought the episode was complete at least 10 times. They packed so much into one episode! Also, it ended with a car explosion, which is always good. Worst episode: Ummm…. I'll pass on this one. Best Character: I've always liked Finch, and like that we've gotten to see more of him. But the person who's grown the most this season is Carter. She's my favorite. Worst Character: Cal Beecher. Just so… ugh. Best Reccuring Character: Root. She's such an interesting character, with many sides to her. Hopes for Season 3: I'm not putting anything here, in case it comes through. Anything I can think of will not even come close to what the amazing crew of this show will pull off.


Can't wait for Melissa & Joey! My absolute favorite. Also looking forward to: Hell's Kitchen
The Fosters
Hot in Cleveland
Under the Dome
The Newsroom This, plus catching up with numerous shows via DVD means a packed summer! :D


The Tomorrow People, duh. It doesn't look that fantastic, but EVERYTHING new that the networks has shown us looks better than Super Fun Night. Even Dads and Enlisted aren't as bad.

Orphan Black: Renewed for Season 2!

Yay! I agree with Jane. If you find Orphan Balck so fantastic, renew it!


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Snow giving Regina Cora's heart. It had the perfect amount of tension and Lana Parilla and Ginnifer Goodwin acted wonderfully. Plus, Evil Snow = Awesome Snow! Did Snow's actions surprise you?
At first, yeah, but in retrospect, they shouldn't have. Snow is a sensical woman, who knows when to do the right thing to keep her family intact. How will Belle react to Rumple's phone call?
It should prompt her to be a little more curious about Storybrooke. She should at least confront Ruby. Could Cora have been saved by having her heart?
Yes. OUAT has done such a good job of showing bad guys with one "good" flaw, and Cora's was Regina. With a heart, she could have gone down a similar path that Regina did earlier this season.
Will anything be able to convince Regina not to seek vengeance?
Nothing, at least for a while.
Most surprising revelation: That Cora and Rumple were in love or that Snow manipulated Regina to kill Cora?
Rumple & Cora, definitely. So unexpected that I had no clue what was going on for a few secs.


Ruby is my favorite character!! I wish she could stay, but Ory does deserve better. I'm 100% going to check this out if it gets picked up.

Once Upon a Time Round Table: "Manhattan"

1. I liked the end scene with Rumplestiltskin & the seer.
2. There's multiple answers to this question, with tons of theories and explanations to back it up. Time is complicated.
3. I'm hoping Regina has a plan to backstab Cora, but it's unlikely.
4. Probably a good one. He has had a… bond with Henry for a while. Methinks he had something to do with bringing Henry to Regina.
5. Greg's story is boring. I think him & Belle will get something together before anyone finds out. The question is, who finds out? If it's Cora, Mr. Gold, Hook, or Regina, SPLAT! If it's Emma, Mary Margaret, or David, I expect a more humane way of dealing with him. Methinks it will be Ruby who eventually finds out.

Revenge Round Table: "Sacrifice"

1. Duh. Definitely that scene w/Emily & Amanda.
2. Yes.
3. Yes.
4. Yes.
5. No.
6. No.
Who comes up with these glaringly obvious questions?

Lucky In Love: TV's Happiest Married Couples

It's definitely one not mentioned here: Mike & Frankie Heck, The Middle. Out of the above, I'll go with Claire & Phil.