90210 Recap: "To Sext or Not to Sext"

I'm totally on Navid's side on his fight with Adrianna. I'm glad Navid was ripping on Teddy in the interview. Teddy is not hot and his attitude drives me crazy. Let's face it... you think Teddy would of stuck around when Adrianna was pregnant with another mans baby? Not a chance.

Caught Kissing: Adrianna and Teddy!

I think it would be a little dumb for Adrianna to want to be with this guy. When you find a guy like Navid who will stick with you through ANYTHING... why would you want another guy?


Horrible casting when it came to Trevor. How are we supposed to believe he's this amazing guy that aaalll the girls like if he looks like he's 30? I personally like silver better with longer hair, but she can rock it either way.


Who did Annie hit with her car?
I'm hoping that it's Ethan because I can't stand him but I don't think it's him. So I'm going with Wild4Wilds answer. Let's say Ty. Will we see Liam again?
Yes, but I can't see why. Sure, he's good looking but seriously... can't stand the guy. Is this the last we've seen of Adrianna's baby?
Yes, but it would make a good story line down the road. What was your favorite storyline from season one?
Adrianna's Pregnancy and drug addiction. Seriously, best actress on the show. To go from recurring to series regular and kick everyone else's ass on the show acting wise makes her number one in my book! I'm going to throw in a bonus question......
What's the worst storyline from season one?
JEN CLARK. Let's hurt Naomi soooo bad because she told her she's throwing a party in her own home. Jen Clark is just a dumb addition to the show.

Grey's Anatomy Season 5 Finale Promo

When Christina's speachless (@46 seconds) you know there is going to be problems. haha

90210 Video: Navid vs. Ty!

You kick his ass Navid! Ty is good looking at all but a total jack ass. I love the look on Navid's face at the end. haha


How long will Silver last at Catholic school?
Hopefully not long.. I agree with Wild4Wilds.. what's the point? It's all out everywhere now. Dixon is right.. she needs to man up and face people. Are you glad to see Naomi's sister?
Yes, I have a feeling this chick has some stuff up her sleeve. Liam: Hot, elusive bad boy? Or total jerk?
It is true.. us ladies do love our bad boys but let's be serious. This guy is just a douche-bag. He's starting to get on my nerves. Anybody else up for bringing Ozzie back to play Naomi's love interest? Is Navid the greatest guy of all-time?
Seriously, I love Navid.. hence the name. This guy deserves a medal or something.

Between a Sign and a Hard Place

Ladykeana.. I totally get what you're saying. She's just kind of like blah blah blah. But, like take Adrianna and Navid for example they're not even big leads.. sometimes they're not even in an episode and they make they're stories so interesting that I want to know what's going on.

Between a Sign and a Hard Place

I know taylor! That's like the best part! haha

90210 Season Finale Spoilers Galore!

I agree with Lizze! No Adrianna or Navid? I don't know how you guys feel but I def think they're one of the best things about this show. Haha It's always about Annie or it's always about Ethan. No one gives a crap. Blair, I too agree it's random. There is no way that Silver would go out with Ethan crazy or not. One, you're right she would never do that to Annie. Two, she despises people like Ethan.

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