Gossip Girl Review: What Does it All Mean?

blair and her little bubble call humphrey, where she doesnt care that her bf is on a bad sad time,chuck too,nate loosing his site,rufly in the edge of divorse and she didnt noticed any of this ....she got new friends who give a shi. about her and her party
i like that lola is the smartest of all rhodes, she gave serena a lesson, and at least diana was honest with chuck, i didnt love her till now

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 199

william :after a lot of crapy episodes the network will give us another season with the same writers....
serena,lily,carol,ivy,lola: what? buuuuuuuuu

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 197

Ivy: guys listen, we may get a shot to rescue this show ....
Carol : great, but I'm a guess star so I don't care.
Lily: what? But I'm a regular so what's ur plan?
Serena: and can we get some interesting story for me too?
Ivy: sure, so are u in?
Serena: yeah,what do we need to do?
Ivy: get fired safran and probably half staff of the writers too
lily: just that?
Ivy: just that...
Serena: mom can u make some calls ?
Lily: (on the phone already) ...ssshhh I'm taking care of this....

Gossip Girl's Dan and Blair: Will They Last?

in this one im actually happy wont last i dont care if blair ends up alone, but at least not with humphrey ,he plays the situation to his favor and then puts that stupid innocent face to receive what is left ,besides he's been playing with everyone to obtain his book,his status,his new gf and at the same time judging everyone for what they do.....

Gossip Girl Round Table: "The Princess Dowry"

I think serena will be a gg version or carrie (satc) she and chuck deserves better, new and better loves and lives ,dan can go write to the himalaya, ivy will give some money to the rhodes to prove she's not that mean,they will like her again but for a while,till we know William isn't lola's dad, carol is lying,to get mney,and Blair Williams hace to get a Job to pay her bills,she's poor now,then g will save her ass and will use that in the season finale to do something really really bad ,to who? Is the important question.

Gossip Girl Review: World War Waldorf

@thefan nice one , and as soon as she forgot the baby and chuck she will let off dan one day ,i say too but now she just needs to sleep with rufus and Cyrus to do all the men in this sssss

Gossip Girl Review: Winning!

Cece may die here but the real death is for dair, sorry but this dair ,this season is just SO out of place , I can't, not matter what the writers's logic is, to undestand why after chair and all this arcs dair is the real deal, so in this episode they killed cece,dair,derena,chair ,chyvy and any respect to Dan, dude,u little hypocrite seudo writer,this can hurt a lot of people but...who cares ur in love? I'm with chuck in this one die dair dieeeeeee.

Gossip Girl Round Table: "Crazy Cupid Love"

Georgia was so freaking clever and evil, what happened to her?, this is a cartoon of G, and Dan knowing he's hurting s and b could loose her family money why is he going there ?Humphrey are u stupid too? YES uU R,

Gossip Girl Review: Daring to Dair!

So now Blair is in the easy serena mode, she is with everyone in the show, now let's see where serena goes in this change of shoes between s&b

Gossip Girl Review: Unlikely Alliances

Stupid plots everywhere, beatriz and that hot father , rigth, stupid motives, why would louis ask dan to write his vows ?and why in he'll dan did it? And he's so smart to hide from Blair wich right now that little crush is so evident , but can't get what serena meant with, not all fake, cmon, he should listen that publisher and go do yoga and to end trips motives , like a jelaouse child stupid and pointless.