Gossip Girl Review: Rhodes to Nowhere

I quite enjoyed this episode. But I really enjoy GG so its no surprise lols But anyway, I REALLY hope Chivy is exposed. I bet that Max will research the real Charlie and expose it that way. Because Chivy is quite annoying, her voice is really annoying and weird... and I just dont really like her. She is a fraud and a liar ~ though Carol is no better.
But also, just because I want to know what happened to the real Charlie Rhodes... because its quite like OMG what could the mother have done. My thought was either institutionalized with the whole restraints business because she is suppose to be "crazy" or... i dont know what else it could be... With RE: the Chair thing... I don't want them to get back together. Its so DONE and DUSTED and the two seem happy with out eachother. Together they just seem super immature and skeevy
But saying that, I DO NOT want a Dair either. I mean, yeah they work quite well together, but I like them as besties. They make cute friends and as a couple I dont think it would work very well. Also, with the car crash... and the hospital... I think the hospital is more to do with Cece, as it was Serena and Lily who were hugging and Lily looking more upset, so I doubt it was to do with Blair and Chuck...
I mean, there might be a crash involving Chair, but I dont think it will be as serious. and I hope she doesnt loose the baby!!! As for Serena. I am glad it isnt too much about her because gawd she is annoying. and Nate... well he is same as always, a manwhore and more of a minor character!