"Finally, Caroline and Tyler face a new and unexpected challenge."


asdfasdf i'm actually excited for supernatural, unlike gg~

Naked Damon Salvatore Alert!!!

meh, barely any new scenes


Dair is happening (: woooof

Panic Roommate Sneak Preview

nair scene

Gossip Girl Round Table: "The Townie"

1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote from last night?
When Chuck said "So long friends....Dan" lmao. 2. Which is looser, Lily's morals or Ostroff Center security?
Ostroff Security. I mean, BLAIR WALDORF can't get in, but JULIET can?! like seriously? -356456 points . 3. Was Serena right to let Juliet off the hook?
No, so this MUST mean that she felt sorry for Ben, which means she might like him ;) . 4. Will Jack help Chuck save Bass Industries?
Its Jack Bass. Friggin Jack Bass. He's pure awesomeness. But you never know what he's up to. 5. Blair and Dan: Should they get it on?!?!
Answer: DUH. BONUS: What do you think Vanessa was up to this week?
Hmmm. who gives a fuck? but seriously, she's probably doing nothing with her lame miserable life ;) .

Anybody Got a Piano?

I love how you put quotes around dress :) .
I found that funny for some reason. I'm stupid ;)

Latest Gossip Girl Promo: Get Juliet!

what did Dan say at the endd ?
I didn't hear it ):