Someone give Seamus Dever his own show, please - the man is an INCREDIBLE actor. Whenever an episode is Ryan-centric, Seamus carries it so masterfully. I'd even argue that he's probably the most skilled cast member (and I say this being a HUGE fan of Nathan Fillion).

I can't even describe how awesome this episode is.


I totally agree with the review. The case itself had a cool twist at the end, but there were so many misdirects that by the end I had no idea what meant what. The Rasputin tie-in was VERY cool though. But where did the radiation poisoning come from? I even started hypothesizing that he had probably been healing people from the Chernobyl disaster...

The side story with Juliette's friend. Sigh. Alicia Lagano is great (she was FANTASTIC on Castle last year), but her NOT calling the cops really infuriated me, and just seemed like we needed to give Juliette something to do when she's not doling out scientific advice. Her jerkass husband should be in jail.

That being said, I am looking forward to the beatdown that guy's gonna get from Mr Grimm.

Nick - between the shower scene and Renard speaking Russian, I needed cold water. Totally with you on that.


Castle: "Still" was pretty awesome, but I think I love "The Good, The Bad and The Baby" a bit more :-)

Once Upon A Time: I'm torn between "Going Home" and "Good Form".

Archer: The Honeymooners was my favourite of last year's season of Archer. The dive Archer did off the side of that building to save Lana was just epic. It's also important because in retrospect, we realize that was the episode where Lana decides to go with a donor for her baby. Lastly, one of Archer's best lines ever. (North Korea...that's the nation state equivalent of the short bus!).

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: "Christmas" was my favourite episode.

Arrow: Definitely "Sacrifice." Arrow crossed lines on that episode that we never saw coming - actually allowing the destruction of the Glades, and Tommy Merlyn's death (*sniff*)

Grimm: "El Cucuy" was fun. The ending was surprising and pretty funny.

New Girl: "Cooler" was a PERFECT sitcom episode. Everything about that episode was perfect, from the return of True American, to Schmidt passing out when Nick went on the ledge, to the brilliant kiss at the end.

Community: Everyone rags on season 4, but the puppet episode was amazing.

Homeland: "One Last Thing". Watching Brody's transformation from drug-addled defeat to a strong marine was fantastic. It was also the only episode where Dana was remotely tolerable.

Legend of Korra: The origin episode of Avatar Wan. That was probably the best episode in the entire series.


Uncle Phil was my favourite TV dad of all time. Thanks for everything, James Avery. Rest in Peace.


Hard to argue with Breaking Bad...but I will continue my championing of Hannibal LOL


Hugh Dancy on Hannibal.


Great recap! I do think that the Alexis stuff bogged down the season a little bit more, so I would give the season a B.

Best Episode: I enjoyed everything about "The Good, The Bad and The Baby." It was light-hearted Castle fun and we got some great relationship stuff.

Worst Episode: Agreed with Dreamworld. Not a bad episode, just the least well-executed of the season.

Disappointing Character & Most Annoying moments: Ugh - Alexis Castle and every scene she was in this season. Still not over her nonsense. She ruined a completely awesome Indiana Jones/Da Vinci Code homage.

Best Guest Star: Joshua Gomez as the time-traveller.

I'm completely okay with the level of PDA on the show (apart from Dreamworld where it was sorely lacking). I think their affection for each other is still quite obvious without them being touchy-feely. That being said, interrupted PDA is kind of an over-used trope.

I'm not quite convinced that we need closure on every single thing that's ever happened between them. I'd much rather watch them discuss their future than their past...and I only need to see them talk about the things that have implications for their future. While Castle's marriages definitely fall into that category, I don't think his books being a grieving tool for Beckett has the same weight. Same with the whole Hamptons thing. Maybe that's just me, but I personally don't need them to discuss everything.


Great review of the season - you nailed it.

I would rate it an A-....I was really annoyed by the Merlyn resurrection and Count Vertigo (which were all in the same episode, right?).

Most improved character would have to be Quentin Lance.


Peter Pan being Rumpelstiltskin's father on Once Upon A Time was my biggest shocker. That secret was very well kept, and really well played out by the show.

I'll have to agree with Tommy Merlyn being killed off, and add in the destruction of the Glades. Arrow definitely wasn't afraid to cross lines.

Brody's death on Homeland didn't surprise me at all. I was more surprised by Carrie's pregnancy.


Hannibal Lecter. He was coldly and chillingly manipulative, destroying Will's life without blinking an eye.