I did not know that at all! Thanks for the info, will give them a listen.


Rosa was hilarious in this episode, agreed. It's the way her hypothetical questions just went on and on..."how many guns do I still have hidden? What about the axe? Do I still have my throwing stars?"

I'm glad you're enjoying the show - and thanks for checking out the review every week :)


I totally agree with you and Dreamrose that it seemed strange that they dropped the missing file. Right there with you.

What you said though is exactly my point. Things might have gone differently if it were brought to them by another source. But Laurel isn't a credible source to them. She was successfully set-up and completely discredited, to the point where no logical mind would believe her accusations.

What's happening to her is what you've been saying all along when all of us were simply annoyed with Laurel - they're pushing her to rock bottom. I'm not bashing Laurel - I happened to think this was a great episode for her. I'm just trying to see it from everyone's perspective.


I hope you don't mind a contrary opinion, but I respectfully disagree with your points on Laurel. I think you're being too harsh on Oliver and everyone else.

We, as viewers, know that Laurel's telling the truth. However, if you look at it from the POV of the other characters - to them, she doesn't have valid points at all. All Laurel has is wild conjecture and unfounded accusations, compounded on by irrational behaviour. Laurel had no proof of her accusations against Blood, and her only "lead" was the word of a woman committed to an asylum. He also freely admitted to knowing Cyrus Gold, so no one really has a reason to suspect him.

And if all that wasn't enough, she was found to have an opioid addiction - I mean, between stealing pills and the apparent paranoia, you couldn't get more classic drug addict behaviour. We all know that Laurel's being set up, but there's no reason for any other character to think so. No logical person would lend any credence to her words after all that, and I would find it less believable if they did.

Also, Oliver - I don't think he actually went to Blood to give him the "benefit of the doubt." I actually thought he was being sarcastic, and went to see Blood to get a face to face opinion on whether he was lying or not. He never told Sebastian that Laurel complained - I think he wanted to see how Blood would react when talking about Laurel.

Lastly - Roy - can't we assume that part of his stupidity is due to the Mirakuru? I mean, they keep drilling into our heads that it messes with people's minds - perhaps this isn't just stunted growth on his part, but

As for being suspected simply because his last name is sinister...well, you probably shouldn't watch Hannibal LOL :-) (no one on the show has figured out it rhymes with cannibal yet...honestly...)

I do agree that the stuff on the island was pointless - (though I don't quite agree that sisters do what Laurel supposedly did "all the time").

(sigh) No more round tables for me after this, right? :-)


LOL - I totally caught that, Chris :-) Had me wondering how far they were gonna go back there!


Oh - my - goodness. THAT KISS - someone call the fire department - holy crow that was hot! Even the way Danny just grabbed the bottle from her hand and threw it aside...whew!

I agree that Nick and Jess from New Girl was a better kiss just because of its execution - no one saw it coming at the end of that episode until it happened.

But this was pretty good. Well done, Mindy Project!!


Hmmm...Well, it won't be:

- Henry - ABC is owned by Disney and I can't see them killing off a kid...
- Rumpel - because Robert Carlyle is the best thing about this show and they would be INSANE to let him go...
- Regina - because Lana Parilla is the second best thing about this show and they'd be insane to let her go...
- Emma - this whole story is mostly about her...
- Snow - this story is almost as much about her as it is about Emma.

That leaves Hook, Charming, Neal and Belle as the most expendable.

Belle - Given that it took 2.5 seasons for Rumpel to actually reach redemption and sacrifice, I don't think they'll kill Belle off quite yet. She's going to be instrumental in his reform.

Charming - Will they separate Snow and Charming? Possibly. Although they're more likely to go down the Snow/Charming second baby route. Josh Dallas dating Ginnifer Goodwin also makes his departure less likely...

Hook - Not sure if they're willing to waste the potential between Emma and Hook. He's a much more interesting fellow, and has the most potential. BUT - he has less history with the others than anyone else. That make him most expendable, but the fan support he has would make his death REALLY sting and meaningful anyway.

Neal - He already "died" once. Not sure if they want to go down the same emotional path with those characters, given that they've already experienced his death. But he's also the least interesting character.

I HOPE it's Neal who leaves. But I THINK it will be Hook.

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I am SOOOO excited!! Even though no one else I know watches this show :-/


The episode was great, even though I saw the whole "I'm deep undercover" thing coming a mile away. Nathan Fillion really did a good job of showing how torn and conflicted his character was - that was excellent.

My favourite thing about this episode was the lack of couple angst. This would have been an easy place to have them fight about trust and all that stuff, but I'm SO glad they took another road and had them Beckett be understanding of Castle's conflict. Loved it.

James Brolin plays a renounced-by-the-CIA-deep-undercover agent on Castle with Nathan Fillion...who starred on Firefly with Adam Baldwin, who played Casey on Chuck, where the titular character's mother was...a renounced-by-the-CIA-deep-undercover agent.


This show gets better and better - this episode was AWESOME in every way. I love that they're picking up the pace and really getting into the good stuff. My heart honestly broke for Coulson.

Also, this was hands down Skye's best episode.