Last night's show was a disaster. The judges should be ashamed of some of the choices they put through to this stage. I am sure that this judging panel as we know it will not be back next year.

The only truly breakout star in this group is Angie Miller. I know that there are a few other people that can sing, but Angie is the real deal. Almost too good to be true that it makes me wonder why she is there in the first place.

American Idol, you have really sunk to a new low this season. Literally and figuratively. I wonder how the franchise will look after this season.

Simon Cowell is laughing his head off somewhere.


Interesting perspectives have been shared since my first post. I actually believe that the one by @Mrs alex o'loughlin could be a possibility.


I loved your review... But I can't say that about the episode. I really see why it is getting such poor reviews. This show is doomed to be cancelled if they do not clean up their act fast with better storyline. The acting talent is wasted with the direction they are taking.


Great recap... I agree with all of your choices....


This episode was good.... but really missed some great opportunities. I am glad that Juliet was able to open up to the counselor. This was a great scene at the end. I also see the writing on the wall with Teddy and Lamar's nasty battle for control to unfold. I think that Peggy will be the linchpin that will be used against Teddy by Lamar. I was also happy to see Rayna accept the responsibilities of parenting instead of just hiding behind traveling all the time. The Avery pity party has got to stop. Why are they making us feel sorry for Avery when he is such a jerk. I like his character as the jerk that you just love to hate. The writers are toying with us, by trying to make him seem worth rooting for. How can you after he was so hurtful to his girlfriend and bandmates. Looking forward to next week's episode.


I really hope the writers wake up because they are at the edge of the cliff. This show has such potential and yet it veers off into directions that are unfathomable. Why on earth would they waste such good talent with this poor writing and dialogue.
The story is really good. Some of the actors are really strong. The writing and the dialogue is outlandish.
Who is in charge of this train wreck?

I see first hand how disjointed things are with how Joanna's character is a trained police officer, but keeps acting as though she does not have the skills of Nancy Drew. Come on people, what cop would go into an apartment like she did with the risk of danger and no back up, further no search warrant.

@Blu - I agree wholeheartedly about Meagan Good. I really like her as an actress, but she is not delivering the goods in this role. In one minute she is a strong cop and in another minute she is green. I want her to do well, but the writing is making it very hard for this to take place.

Somehow I think that Mia is going to be a breakout star. She has something special when she is onscreen. I hope that they put her more with Larroquette. He is the strongest actor on the show - It would be a nice twist if Mia ended up killing him. It would be poetic justice for all the seedy things that the Senator has done throughout his career.

Writers, Directors, Actors, Crew - PLEASE Get better - otherwise this show will have no other choice than to go off the cliff and be cancelled.


This was too much Island for my liking. It seems that the writers are determined to turn this into another show with so much lengthy island flashback. They are really risking losing a loyal audience with these moves.

Positives: I am glad to see Felicity become a member of the team. This and Diggles holding firmly to his principles that the Moira might be in deeper than Oliver expects.

Hopefully the writers will wake up and develop intense storylines instead of these extended island scenes. Our patience is wearing thin.


I see it clearly now... The Grayson's will frame Hellen;s death on Aiden. This will bring the initiative even closer to Emily's door.

This was a so/so episode in the sense that we thought there would be a death, but it was dragged out to the next episode.

I did not love the episode and saw all of its fatal flaws at once. I hope that the next episodes are better, because this one just left too many loose ends.

It is sad that Helen is dead. I guess that we shall see a new leader of the initiative. This twist could prove interesting.

I did not like the Nolan Padma storyline. It was not believable. It could have and should have been left out so that the explosion could have taken place. They waste a lot of filler and excess baggage in this show with scenes like the Nolan and Padma. I really like both characters. The scene was forced and was non-essential to the episode. Both characters are good, they should be used more strategically.


I caught the last hour of this episode. Enjoyed it immensely. I am happy that barrow is staying on... He is such a great nemesis...

I will Miss Matthew when he leaves. Matthew makes the show for me.

Edith is turning into a very interesting character. Her sister on the hand is annoying as ever. She used to be such a fun character. SO sad to see that marriage to Matthew sucked the life out of her.


I did not love this episode. It was silly and made no sense.
The Miley Cyrus Storyline was more interesting. This episode was one of the weaker episodes in my opinion.