Supernatural Review: To Tell the Truth

I really liked this episode. It pits real brother against blood brother. Where do the loyalties lie? Sam never wanted to be a hunter (From the episode "After School Special" Sam's teacher asks the 13 year old Sam "Do you want to go into the family business Sam?" "More than anything, No.") Sam has always been dragged back into hunting by Dean. Sam always had other dreams.
I think Amelia will figure into this somehow. I just haven't figured out how. I think maybe it could be about how much are you willing to give up to stay or leave. The boys are really building a huge divide. Soon it will have to be addressed. Amelia will figure into it somehow as will Bennie.
I can't wait to see what happens next especially with Casiel. I love his shows of strength lately when he tells Dean how it really is and sets the story straight.

Supernatural Round Table: "We Need to Talk About Kevin"

I was not surprised that Sam didn't look for Dean. Sam was dragged into the demon catching life from the start. He has been reluctant through the whole show so far. He has always wanted to get out. Dean, however, has always felt it was his duty. He is more of the martyr type. He will do it until it kills him. He sees it as his duty to save his family and the human race from demons and hell etc...
I liked the flashbacks, but they did get a bit predictable. There were too many of them. I think they need to space them a bit. I did, however, love the flashbacks of Purgatory! I loved the ones of Sam too on how he met Amelia. Eventually we will get to what really happened. It may take many flashbacks, but we will get there! lol

Drop Dead Diva Review: Heartbroken

oops judging him on who he was "your just a bully you always have been."
Luke has to keep a distance. I'm not sure he wants to get as involved as Fred was. Fred got all messed up. Luke is trying to let the natural consequences play out. If she gets in real trouble I'm sure he will step in..especially if it's not going the way it's supposed to.
I'm hoping next week will bring a happier episode, but one just as good! :)

Drop Dead Diva Review: Heartbroken

I have my theories on Owen. I think he may be too perfect. I also think that Owen likes the fight more than the prize. When he was fighting Grayson for Jane he was very attentive and very one up on Grayson. Now he has nothing to fight for. He has her. He may have run from a fear of commitment, but I'm not sure a Judge would do that. I think there is something else going on here. As for Jane excepting that Owen had left her without an explanation I think that has to do with her being more Jane than Deb. Jane has a lot of emotional baggage and a lot more than Deb has ever even dealt with in her life, like not wanting to be seen in pictures with her family or being ashamed of how you looked. She may be projecting the way she feels about herself onto Owen as his reason for him leaving her. It is strange for him to be gone this long. I am betting that he is secretly gay. lol
Parker and his son are going through some harsh realities. His ex-girlfriend is judging Parker on who he used to be, not who he is now. The whole situation is just very sad.

Supernatural Round Table: "The Girl Next Door"

I liked Fridays episode. Loved the flashbacks to Sam's childhood. He was so smart, quick, and witty. Sam is always mistrusted and discarded by Dean. That's why I think he killed Amy...He thinks he knows better. Dean left the child alive because he said he hadn't killed a human yet. Tawrens is right about Amy possibly killing again to protect her son at any cost and Dean considered that when killing Amy. I have a feeling that the comment the kid made about killing Dean was an omen of things to come. The plot thickens!

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