The Vampire Diaries Review: Killer Consequences

I finally agree with everything you are saying. The last couple of weeks, slamming Damon with this idea that everything he does is all "spur of the moment" and Stefan is all big picture guy, I think all of that was way off base. If anything, it's the other way around. Stefan saved Matt, spur of the moment, Stefan jumped on the Cure bandwagon spur of the moment. Big picture seems more like Damon's "I love her either way" speech from last episode. And I'm glad Stefan broke up with Elena for himself and not to protect her, which is how this has happened throughout the series up until this point. I'm loving how deeply we're exploring Elena's transition. I wish we could have seen more Caroline/Elena palling up - last episode's "She's too good at self-control" seemed like a brush-off. Agreed with the Forwood sitch, seems contrived. If Caroline can't be there for Elena, she needs to get on board with this de-siring train. Loved Klaus this episode. And revisiting Alaric briefly with the moment in the classroom and the moment at the Grill. Finally, loving Jeremy's new role, and also, Matt stepping up and doing his on digging.


Dan. The family surname is Mikaelson because Mikael was the patriarch. Typically there would have been no surname so they chose that one to fit in with contemporary times.


Elijah wins!

Once Upon a Time Round Table: "7:15 A.M."

I think Snow's amnesia is mirroring David's. I thought Stealthy was such a plot device if ever I saw one. If he really was stealthy he wouldn't have gotten caught. I love the Stranger. He's a babe. It didn't occur to me that her wrote Henry's book and could rewrite the ending as a way of breaking the curse but GRIMM was the first thing that came to mind when i saw the typewriter. So keen for the next installment!

Gossip Girl Review: Unlikely Alliances

Yay, georgina is back!

Glee Review: Messy Love, Storytelling

The first mistake was to cover Grease. You just don't take that shit on. There's no way to top it! I wanted to jump ship then. But I stuck it through until Moves Like Jagger came on. This was a waste of an episode and I totally agree with you.

Gossip Girl Review: A Princess in Peril

If they kill Chuck, they will lose too many viewers.

Glee Review: World War Glee

I love Santana and that scene with her laughing at Brittany was absolutely breath-taking. But I love Finn and she was so much meaner in this episode than I've seen before. I feel so bad for her being outed on television. That's more than enough payback. And of course that rendition of Adele was too amazing for words.
I'm so glad about the reuniting of Rachel and Kurt. I'm pleased Rachel realised what she was sacrificing, a friend for a point on her resume, and gave Kurt what he needed most. And given Kurt's history with bullying, his stance against dodgeball definitely is a cause I'm going to back. The game itself is so much fun but as a symbol for bullying it's a good thing to attack.
Finally, Puck and Quinn. I honestly don't give a f**k about Quinn's steal the baby back plan. I was hoping that Puck coming clean and going for Selby and making a family was for real. Despite the legality of that situation, it seems a lot healthier than giving that baby to her half-formed mother. Quinn needs a wake-up call. And a cause that's pure and good. I get the rebellion. Being a good girl is an image that's easy to maintain but boring to live through. It just doesn't feel like you. It's doing what other people want. And what she said last episode about Beth being the only thing she couldn't screw up, I'm sorry but Quinn is far too young to be saying she's permanently screwed up. She just isn't willing to make the effort.


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Elena's revelation to Rebekah that her own brother had killed her mother and lied about it. I thought it would take something huge to bring R over to the goodies' side. But I can't complain about all the Defan scenes and the Delena bedroom scene at the end either. There was no major cliffhanger: Refreshing or irritating?
Thank God, really. The seven week wait following the next biggest cliffhanger yet is going to be so much worse. I'm thankful for the slack the writers have cut us viewers. What is your favorite Vampire Diaries flashback episode?
Katarina. I'm against all you Kat-haters out there. I think showing her at the beginning was some of Nina's best work and we also got to see the charming and noble Elijah fall in love with her a little bit. But I'm eagerly anticipating the flashback that brings us the original doppelganger. I was hoping to see her in Ordinary People. Bigger sin: Klaus killing his own mother, Stefan preying on a beautiful bar tender, or the writers keeping Caroline off the screen for an entire hour?
Klaus killing his own mother. I get why you're mad, boy, but she's just as human as you are. Your only problem was being the proof of her shameful indiscretion. Next week is the 2011 finale. Make one bold prediction about what's to come on it.
Rebekah changes sides and doesn't go back on her word like Elijah did in The Sacrifice. I dunno. I'm so glad I'm not writing this show. I would definitely kill it for everyone else. Love you Julie and Kevin :)

Gossip Girl Review: Chuck Bass, Out of Hell

I thought this episode was one of the best of the season. I find Dianna herself increasingly compelling. Where I would usually skip through the usual scenes involving her and Nate, I watched the whole thing. I thought she was just toying with him. I'm not exactly glad she's become possessive and a little overbearing but at least she gets jealous enough to do something about it. Secret relationships are only good for the privacy. I thought Blair's bridesmaids competition was lighthearted and reminded me of why we originally fell in love with her character in season one. All her plotting and scheming, however childish, inspired such fear and intensity in her minions which has always impressed me. Remember in season 3 when we were revisited by a Penelope who'd somewhat outgrown Blair? I thought it a little inconsistent to find her grovelling again. And I must be incredibly naive because I did not think the writers were setting up for the 4 go at Derena. I was actually enjoying them try to be friends again. I stand by Serena and her actions but sympathise with droop in Dan's book's interest by the end of the episode. Serena was right about one thing: Dan should be writing more best sellers instead of focusing on a movie. Finally, Chuck, Blair and Louis. I'm a firm believer in Chair. I was disappointed to see Blair hit on Chuck in the new preview. I can see he's taking the steps become the man she always believed he was, while her fiance is corrupted by the thought of Chuck's former self. But I still think he has a way to go before he deserves Blair again. Plus added complications: royal wedding, royal spawn, etc.