Best character: Caroline. No competition there. THe only relatable and well-developed character on the whole show.
Worst Character: Elena. They managed to make her EVEN MORE annoying and EVEN MORE one-dimensional and EVEN BIGGER mary sue. S2 Elena at least had the moment where she stabbed Elijah. S3 Elena is outright annoying and bland and characterless.
Best Episode:I'd say the premiere. Because Klaus was still threatening and Steffie was still not a wussy and there was some real intensity in thinking that Elena should be somehow hidden from Klaus.
Worst Episode: The last 5 episodes of the season. Downright horrible and pointless mess of trainwreck plot devices, preictable plot "twists" and horribly bad writing
Most Welcome Return: ANna and Pearl. Reminded just how much I used to love this show back in S1.
Most unwelcome return: Rose. NO explanation needed.
Biggest Surprise: That Matt is STILL not killed.


When something doesnt make sense its normal to critique.

A work of fiction is created to be RECEIVED by audience. That reception can be objective and subjective, negative and positive. It won't always be positive.

Good writing quality gets a positive reaction. Thus shows like Breaking Bad, House or Once Upon A Time will life for a LOT of seasons.

Bad writing usually kills the kitsch shows fast. TVD is just taking longer because some people are still blindly defending it. However majority of more literate people realize - this is no longer tvd that they all began watching and loved.

This now is Heroes S3/S4 level of a mess.


What are your general thoughts on season one?
Haven't enjoyed a genre show this much since Buffy. the season, if one looks to it overall has been PERFECTLY paced and every character was perfectly developed. There might be some minor gripes (they made latter parts of Snow/Charming too mellow, but that most likely will get fixed next season and they will be back at snarking), but overall Season One was full of great writing, awesome plot twists and memorable, well-developed characters, while at the same time not forgetting to set up future plotlines(skipping ahead in flashbacks, as well as whole Hat Trick hat room stuff).

I can only hope that S2 is as good as S1 was. Awesome show so far.


Now that Snow and Charming remember who they are, will the realize who Emma is?
Considering writers have confirmed that they all retain both memory sets, I expect awkwardness.

Emma never really had parents. Meeting your birth parents as an orphan is quite traumatic experience. Snow and CHarming on other hand got ROBBED of seeing their child grow up. Lots of angst there, I expect.

The Huntsman was back for the last episode: sad reminder or awesome surprise?
I'd go with awesome surprise. I certainly hope that this show, unlike certain others, does not start reviving characters left and right. The best thing is that death is final and permanent. Once you lose that, the only road in quality is down...(example: Supernatural, Vampire Diaries, etc)


What was your favorite scene in the season finale?
Can I say entire finale? Pleaase? NO? oh well. Most certainly Emma's book moment, Regina's "I do love you Henry", Emma fighting Maleficent AND the whole last 5 minutes of finale or so.

Were you surprised that the curse was broken this season?
Not really. The latest I expected it to happen was end/mid of S2. It was a logical progression of Emma's story.


Only if they change the writers. Also get Kevin WIlliamson as far away from this show as possible.

The show is too low in quality to be anywhere near ABC stuff as it is now, so if it gets taken by ABC-Family, I do hope for a LOT of fixing and changes in writing staff.


Considering after the S4 the show can ONLY go up from where it is(hint: its quite down...not as bad as TVD, but still), this can be very good sign.

Honestly, hopefully with Ball gone, Mister BHEEEEEL won't be put into every and any plot line to ever exist.


Maybe some day he'll have a real life and isn't a pathetic loser when he realities that the majority of fanbase gives no fuck about HIM!
considering majority of literate fanbase on this website feels exactly the same way as I do, this is hilarious. There's a reason why normal people do not use "we" in argumentation.


. Everone knows that, with the exception of Buffy and the original Dracula, the vampire process is final because the person is technically dead.
Buffy is not an exception.

There was total of two devamping situations. One required reality warping gods to interfere for a person to get "unvamped" and there was a huge universal price attached to that to the point that Angel backed out of the deal. For another case, Darla, yet again, universal level beings and huge consequences(not to mention that it was Darla-specific situation that would not have worked on anyone else).

Generally its impossible to "unvamp" someone since being vampire is what keeps a vampire alive. Thats what makes it MEANINGFUL.

Writers of TVD ALREADY took away any meaning from DEATH both with plot device tools and friggin afterlife ghosts. Now they will take away the meaning from turning too. The show is dead.


Its taken three seasons for the writers to decide to turn Elena into a vampire, and there's already talk of writing in a storyline turning her back into a human.

IF they had an idea of turning her back from vampire, they should have vamped her in the end of season one and spent s2 and three developing her. Then turning her into something else in season four would have been justifiable.

Now its just too damn little too damn late as no one cares about Elena anymore and there's no shock nor no intensity to this turning because we had DOZENS of turnings before. If it happened in the end of S1 and was the first(not counting vickie) turning we ever seen, it would have held an emotional significance and allowed them to develop Sorry, majority of fanbase gives no fucks about miss cardboard.