Glee Review: The Pluck of the Irish

@emma. i dont know about in the show but damians from derry, and he has a pretty common accent for someone from that part of ireland.

The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "The End of the Affair"

@fien- did you not watch the second series? she found out in like episode 18. and you found out klaus' full name is niklaus, so nick and klaus.

Pretty Little Liars Review: They're All Aria!!!

haha at GossipGfan, yes she did look like Jenny!
Also where was the scene where Hanna, Spencer and Emily see Jenna in the hospital :S

Pretty Little Liars Clips: What Does Jenna Want?

does anyone else think that the models of the founders look like jagsaw of the saw movies?

Pretty Little Liars Round Table: "Someone to Watch Over Me"

I'm pretty sure Aria was just hiding her stuff from her parents, not the police. I don't even think she thought about that. And I guess she could just say the book was a gift from Ezra because he's her english teacher.
As for Hanna and Caleb I hope theyr'e not over, you can see how much she likes him, and I don't think she'll ever feel like that about Lucas, and it never seemed like she felt that way about Shaun.