Grey's Anatomy Review: Don't Call Me Duckie

I agree that sleeping together won't work to fix Callie and Arizona, but the voiceover was saying sometimes you just have to figure out that first step and take it, and then you can start your journey. So I'm hoping that will be where they take it from here. This is just the first step on the journey they will take to fix things!

Grey's Anatomy Review: This Is a Family

I thought this one was a snoozer. Sneaking in that patient was so far-fetched and silly. And the previews for next weeks Valentines Day episode doesn't look very Valentiney!!

Grey's Anatomy Photo Preview: "Second Opinion"

If they took the money, it would have ended it. Because they didn't settle, now it becomes a law suit that could drag on for years.

Grey's Anatomy Review: Unanswered Fates

It was so sad when Lexie died and everybody is so heartbroken about Mark and Lexie being over, and so am I. But I think I was more sad that Meredith lost her sister and that they didn't even let them say goodbye. I figured if Lexie were the one to die, it would be the focus of the episode with everybody fighting to save her and heartwrenching goodbyes with Mark and with Meredith. I was disappointed that if she had to be the one to go, they didn't at least let Meredith say a heartfelt goodbye. It would have meant alot considering where their relationship started.

What Did You Think of "Holidaze"?

I thought this episode was a huge disappointment. It was way too much to fit in one episode, it didn't flow at all, and it left out the most interesting storylines.
I thought the thing with Mark's daughter was very poorly done. It just made no sense. She stays with you for 6 weeks before you speak to her? It was just dumb. The stuff with Bailey was interesting, but it was a little over the top. And what is up with all the parents on this show? The Dads show up and they mothers have nothing to do with anything. Same thing happened with Callie. I would think when Bailey's Mom found out she got a divorce, maybe she would have picked up a phone or come herself?? And Callie's speech to Bailey's dad didn't fit at all.
I think I might be the only one, but I can not stand Owen. I think he is the most annoying character on the show, and can't stand his overdone intensity. The guy orders lunch and his face turns red and he clenches his teeth. He drives me crazy! I like seeing Christina in a somewhat mature relationship, but really this guy has to go.
There was no couples kissing on New Year's, no emotion anywhere except between Owen and Christina. I just thought that a holiday episode could have been done so much better. I didn't even notice the Silent Night song. I have to go back on my DVR and listen to it!
I am sad to have no new episodes for the next couple months, but I am hoping it will come back better than it left!