Scandal Interview with Kerry Washington: You Ask the Questions!

Hi Kerry!!!
You and Scandal are our two favorite things IN LIFE. We can't wait for Thursdays to have our weekly 'Scandal' viewing party with our friends in our dorm lounge. We have a ton of questions: 1.You seem like you're a perfect person so on a scale of 1 to 10 how proud are your parents of you? 2.We love Fitz (even if he is a jerk face sometimes), but we love Edison too. Will we find out more of his and Olivia’s back story? Will it ever click for Edison that Olivia was with the President? 3.Lark is from DC and wants to know where you think Olivia’s favorite place is to hang out in the District? 4.Kristine is in madly in love with Huck, will we find out more of his back story? Kristine strongly dislikes Quinn (thinks she's ungrateful) do you think Quinn has a right to have so many questions? 5.Will we ever find out why Olivia got Harrison out of jail? / Why is Harrison so scared of guns? 6.Does Olivia have a family? Will she ever talk about them? Will we ever see them? 7.We hated Abby in the first couple episodes of this season for being so annoying but now we feel so badly for the girl! Does Olivia feel badly about breaking up her relationship? Or does Olivia just do things for the greater good with no real regard for the feelings of her associates? Because she seems like she cares but then she does mean stuff anyway. We hope you enjoyed these questions, thank you so much for your time! P.S.
Tell the cast and our Queen, Shonda, we love them too.