I know Georgina is clever but you'd think Chuck would have better security but hey, if they didn't have reasonable security at a royal wedding they wont have it a hotel.

GG, you're plotholes are like craters now!


Dan and Chuck are friends/rivals. I actually liked their messed up friendship. Seeing Chuck as a mentor is actually the only comedy left in this show.

Why is Dan so obsessed with Blair all of a sudden? I guess he just likes women he can't have. Now that Serena wants him, he wants Blair.

I'm neither a Chair nor Dair but Dan should know that the key to a girl's heart isn't playing babysitter when she makes huge mistakes.

And I wonder what they are looking at, even Georgina looks surprised.


This crossed the line for me...

Sebastian went from interesting to crazy...


Can this be the last tribute episode for a while?

Seriously...This one wasn't the worst but they all come off as forced...Also, if I wanted to watch the original video concepts...I'd watch the original video.

Glee needs to go back to using the classics to further plot and create interesting and original performances, not rip off the artists they admire.

I think the only tribute episode that has come anywhere close to being well done is the Madonna one.


Oh and as always, I loved Burt and Kurt :)


I liked Quinn's exit. I have been saying she needs to leave for a while now but I never would have expected it to be done so well.

I liked her last number with her saying goodbye to all of her old loves, it was sweet as well as necessary. I also liked that she pointed out that you don't need to find your true love in high school. She finally grew up and matured, it made sense and it was well done.

I liked that they had Artie dance but I wish they had shown less enraged close ups and more actual choreography, he and Mike are great together.

I loved Rachel's break down and not getting a NYADA letter. It was moving as well as a bit heart breaking.

What's Mercedes' college plan? Like the Reviewer I could give a crap about her romance with Sam but I want to know what this Diva has planned for grad. Unless she's not a grad...Im not even sure whose a senior at this point.


As for the rest of the episode, there are things I liked and things I HATED.

Like for one thing, not telling the police or your school that someone ASSAULTED your friend on purpose to win a fucking singing contest is NOT taking the high road. Its promoting the idea that high school kids should keep serious matters to themselves instead of seeking the help of an adult or the law in this case. Sebastian is clearly psycho, slushies are one thing but to put rock salt in it? That's nuts.

Usually I praise Glee for dealing with tough subjects but this was a seriously bad move on their part. Violence of any kind should always be reported and dealt with properly. It completely ruins their bullying message with Kurt.


This episode was better than the one just before it but it was still lacking in some areas.

The Jackson numbers were decent but I have to agree with the Reviewer. To the younger generation Micheal Jackson is not known as a pop star but rather a child molester or that creepy plastic surgery guy. I'm a bit older than the glee kids in the show so I can say with absolute certainty that we never appreciated his music but he was more of a joke, at least until his death, which is when the world remembered they loved him after hating him for years and years.

It may seem disrespectful for me to speak of the dead this way but its the truth that everyone seems to have forgotten. The media was brutal to Jackson and then he died, that's when they saw dollar signs with all of their "loving" tributes. It seems to me that Michael Jackson lived a sad life in the end and I hope his children aren't exposed to anymore crap.


Dair fans, I speak as a neutral. I couldn't care less who Blair ends up with at this point. But you guys are acting just as crazy as you accuse Chair fans of being.

Everyone, Chair or Dair needs to chill out.

Maybe after all this Prince crap Blair should stop being a wimp and deal with her problems on her own for once. Maybe that means she should be single for awhile to sort out all of the terrible choices that she's made recently. I would like to see the return of the powerful Blair we all love.

But I'm wasting my time, this is GG after all.


It also doesn't help that the two REAL royal couples were actually in love... While Blair and Louis clearly weren't.

I've hated Gossip Girl's version of "royalty" from day one. Sophie, Beatrice, Louis and all their staff have been ridiculous. I've said in previous comments but I'd be pretty upset if I were a Grimaldi and some random American tv show was mocking my family for no apparent reason. Clearly there's a producer on GG with a weird obsession with Grace Kelly.