Poor Kathryn, she finally finds some happiness outside of her kids and her husband and John has to rain on that parade. No wonder she needs a therapist, throughout this whole switch Kathryn has been a rock for everyone else and now that there`s no immediate crisis, she feels lost. John had better get a grip.


I was so glad that Campbell has a girlfriend! I was bracing myself for another Daphne and some guy storyline. Now that I know that isn`t the case, I``m actually interested in Campbell as a character.


Are we sure it was Natalie who slashed the tires

It seems like something she would do but the jacket she wore belonged to that other guy.

Regardless, it was a deaf kid and it isn`t all that surprising considering how aggressive they`ve been about defending their school and their identity as a community along with it. Now Emmett has to deal with the fact that he knows this information. Its nice to see him with a non-Bay related storyline, he`s a great character.


I don't think Emmett and Bay should get back together...

Emmett cheated on her. I'm glad those two could make things right and be friends but I applaud Bay for making the right choice and keeping him as a friend.

As for Ty, what a dumb ass. After Bay was cheated on, does he actually think that his lie would make things easier on her? What's worse knowing that he would be unfaithful to her, lie to her after telling her that he loved her or having him be killed knowing that he cared about her? Neither is easy but I'd rather know my boyfriend was a good guy and hero rather then someone who would betray me. But clearly Ty was scared and took the first way out. Mary Beth is obviously going to tell her, she's not the kind of girl who can keep that a secret so his plan will fail anyways. Meanwhile Bay wont know what to believe.

Coto was a jerk, there were other, better ways to expose him but I'm not sorry that he went down.

Not sorry to see Jace go either, what a dumb character.


Katharine's struggle has to be the most interesting for me. I mean John's constantly taking her for granted. I'm glad Katharine finally said no to him but when she feels like she can't tell him about her new passions, it's kind of sad.

John needs to get a grip. That Senator was corrupt and also trying to seduce his wife. I wouldn't be sad to see him go. Yes, what Daphne did was extremely wrong but I wouldn't lose too much sleep over it. People may be whispering behind his back but I doubt anyone of them would mess with the Kennish family now. In politics that's a plus.

Angelo is stuck in a corner but obviously he should tell Regina, after all Regina knows more about financial struggle then anyone. She could probably help him. I'd like to see that money grabbing partner of his go toe to toe with Regina.

Daphne's story seems a little repetitive, Daphne feels sad, Daphne meets new boy, Daphne's happy, Daphne get's into trouble because of new boy. Repeat cycle. She was such a strong character in the first season, I feel like the writers need to return to that and give her some direction. Other than field hockey.

Poor Bay. Out of all the kids, I feel like she's the one who really keeps getting screwed over. The fact that she's protecting Regina and Daphne from what Ty "did" is really noble of her. Although completely mis-guided.


It seems really odd that Toby couldn't go to school just because he got married. Especially since Nikki is gone for 6 months, a year at college is 8 months. That leaves a 2 month difference during freshman year. John mentioned that Toby should "stock his own fridge" does that mean Toby has rent to pay? If so, why is he always hanging out at the Kennish house? I know plenty of married couples who both go to college. I get that there's supposed to be a lesson here about not getting married too young but there's a lot of plot holes in this story.


I think the reason these men think that Virginnia is "magical" is because she actually enjoys sex. Most women were taught back then that sex was a necessary evil to please your husband and get babies. Basically "lie there and take it". Not a lot of fun for the guy either. Look at what happened to with Libby and Bill? Libby did not look like she was enjoying herself and I'm sure Bill picked up on it.. It's the sexual revolution which doctors, like Masters, started that really busted that myth.

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More on Megan, the mis-carriage was also well done. Her character seemed a little too perfect last season but giving her goals and dreams, which she's determined to stick to, has really given her some depth.

Stan shouldn't have told Peggy anything, but going for Ketchup was all on Pete. Pete seems to have lost his edge when it comes to business. His stunt with Jaguar has stuck them with a client who thinks he can ask for the moon. Don was right, they didn't need to win it like that. Now he's double crossing a client, badly, because he found out. Stan working on Ketchp in a closet? Really? Think people wouldn't notice? Come on! I remember when they stole a company out from the people they sold it to. But they can't manage one secret pitch?


My question about Don is this, why is he suddenly feeling bad?

He never felt bad about cheating on Betty. I think he was more truthful in the last ep, when he was explaining very clearly to Sylvia exactly what they were doing. The look in his eyes over that tense dinner was more Don-like than we've seen him in a while.

Don thinks of his life as 3 separate parts, work, home, and play. He's never mixed the 3, until Megan was at work with him and now with Sylvia living in his building. I think when those worlds collide, despite his best efforts, is when the drama happens. Like when Betty finds out that Bobbi Barrett has been sleeping with her husband. Megan needs to find out about Sylvia, it's so close to home. It's the only way to save this slow moving season in my mind.

Sidenote, Jessica Pare has won me over on a difficult character this season. Megan had very little substance last season but the scene after Don storms her set was wonderful. She sold me and I'm now hoping for sweet revenge for her.


I agree that Joan should have talked to Harry before firing Scarlett but she should have been fired, she DID steal from the company. She clocked in for wages she did not earn. That's stealing. The office management has always fallen to Joan, hence her surprise when someone interferes. She doesn't realize that she's in different territory now. She's basically taken Lane's job, she's a female partner and men will get jealous. Harry has the hots for Scarlett, which was part of his reaction but he's been fuming for a while now. I understand his response, he is under valued but acting like a child and storming into a meeting is NO way to earn respect.