30 Rock Review: Tanking It

My two favorite lines were "When you wife wants a dinner party you fry up dolphin" Where does that even come from. Second line " I am like the Black Tyler Perry" LOL. Tracy is too much. And I also hate Hazel, she is weird.

Switched at Birth Review: Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Jen I agree there are a lot of bad decisions being made all around. I think Bay is being really dumb all in the name of friendship. She is sacrificing the relationship she has with her parents, she is lying and stealing all for some girl because she "gets" you. I want the Zarra storyline to end soon. I also like Travis he is super cute I mean he is no Emmett but he's cute. I hope that with Toby and Emmett starting this band, emmett will be spending more time at Toby's house and open the door for him and Bay to get back together. I cant stand them being apart.

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